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Introduction + Current Collection!

Hi there everyone! My name is Amy, but you can also call me Mana if you'd like! I'm from the UK, I'm 23 and I've been a member here for a year now, but I've just been lurking until now. I first got into pokémon, like many others, with Gen 1. My first game was Pokémon Yellow and I've been hooked ever since!

My favourite Pokémon are Gengar, Ampharos, Klefki, Chatot and Darkrai, and my fave types are Ghost and Fairy, but I also love bird pokémon. This year, with all the 20th anniversary goodies, I decided I'd try to rebuild my collection as I lost most of my childhood items somewhere between moving houses. I plan to make dedicated collections for the pokémon mentioned above, but I am considering also collecting Dedenne, Butterfree evo line and Staryu/Starmie at some point, but I don't want to get too in over my head right now. My current collection is under the cut if you're interested!

First up are my non-moncolle figures! At the front I have the JP exclusive figures that came with ORAS, which I ordered because I missed out on the EU figures and didn't realise the JP figures were different. Also please excuse Groudon's dust, he looked nice and clean when I took the photo but it seems that is not the case ">_____> The big figure is the Premialive Eevee figure by Banpresto, which also features Foongus! I got it on a whim as I thought it was cute AND it was cheap, and it's actually surprisingly well made. I'm really impressed and it's one of my favourite pieces.

Next up are my Moncolle figures I got earlier this year from Sunyshore (along with a super cute plushie of Rei from Free!). My favourite fairies are Dedenne and Klefki so I grabbed them up, along with M-Ampahros, M-Gengar and regular Gengar. These figures are actually really cute and I was quite impressed! I hope to get more in the future, such as Darkrai and the Shiny M-Gengar. Also I don't know if it's just mine, but the Dedenne figure seems a lot darker than the official pictures to me, but it's not an issue, I was just surprised by it.

Next are a few tidibits! There are my Mew and Celebi pins from the Mythical collection boxes, and an ichiban kuji keyring of my fave fairy Klefki which was made by Banpresto! I actually ordered another from this set, but I'll save that for my next post ;) It's a very cute keyring though, and quite thick! I was worried it'd be a bit flimsy but nope ^^

Now moving on to plushies, which as of right now are the bulk of my collection! I didn't realise how many I had until I took pictures for this post o__o First up is my Snorlax plushie which I think is from 1999! They're the oldest member of my collection, not just in age but also in terms of how long I've had them! During my 3-month uni stint in 2012, my mum found this little fella in a charity shop, and sent them to me for company ^^ The other plush is my Pokémon Spooky Party Dedenne, with Pumpkaboo maraccas! Pumpkaboo is one of my fave ghosties, so 2 faves in one! This is was the first item I got when I decided to start collecting seriously. It's also incredibly soft omgggg

Next up is my beloved Takara Tomy Tepig plush! I got this in 2013 (between Snorlax and Dedenne) as a 21st birthday present to myself! Although I don't know much about Gen 5 and I love grass starters the most, Tepig is my all time favourite starter pokémon so I couldn't resist. They also got a floppy ear over time, which I think acts character!

So, my mum works for a charity and they have a little shop where they take donations to resell. She told everyone at work to look out for pokémon items for me, and I never expected to get anything out of it but it was worth a shot. One day, my mum came back with a HUGE bag of plushies, and these 3 were in there! They are a 1999 Poliwhirl, 1999 Pikachu and what I think is a McDonald's Psyduck! I'm not 100% sure on Poliwhirl, but judging by the quality (and lack of information) I'm pretty sure it's from '99. I'm also not 100% on Psyduck's origin but I seem to remember the pokémon McDonald's beanies from when I was a kid so yeah. Poliwhirl has a hole under the left eye which will need a little patching up but it's easy enough to hide!

CHARMANDER! This is another 1999 plushie and it's actually pretty damn big! It's body is mostly hard foam and the eyes are thick plastic, but the material is very soft and it is very cute!

Now this little critter. I'm kinda certain it's a bootleg. It was the only item I couldn't identify or find info about online, and it has no tags with copyright info, but I figured I'd show it in case by some miracle anyone here had information on it!

My favourite plush of the lot is this huge 1999 Charizard!

Poor fire baby has a hole in their inner thigh and all the beans are falling out so it will need some re- stuffing and sewing up! It lost enough beans that it's neck is quite floppy now and was kinda hard to prop up for the picture. So soft and lovely though, I love it so much!

Another charity find from mum's work! This time it was donated for a fair, and I asked mum to look out for pokémon stuff as a running joke, and she found this! I actually had a copy of this exact annual as a kid so I was over the moon to get a copy back! It has profiles of the original 150 and info on the episodes where Ash gets Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle!

Finally I got a binder for the cards I am getting within the Mythical boxes! I got Pikachu because it's Generation cards, and because this is a super cute binder!

Little peek inside, I got some cool holos! I got Dedenne which was AMAZING! As well as Swirlix who I also love, along with Meowstic and a really cool Charizard I didn't know existed! Mr. Mime is not holo, he's just poking through from the other page, imposter!

Wow this was really lengthy, I'm really sorry but thank you if you read all of my wittering about my collection! >___<

But yeah, I just wanted to say hi and I hope to post here again soon. I've made a pretty plentiful Y!J order and I actually got one of my grails so I'm super excited to share my gets when everything arrives!

Thanks for reading, and bye for now!
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