espen (umbreonpng) wrote in pkmncollectors,

a hopping good get, updated wants + sales!

WOO hey everybody! long time no see huh? i am FINALLY home from visiting my mom, so i'm ready to be active here again!
when i came home, i found a package in my room! what was inside it?

it wasssss...
a 2008 windup shinx!
i saw this guy on y!ja about a month ago and couldnt not buy him considering that when i bought him, id only seen one other! ; w ;
hes so precious!! he works and everything! hes so cute when he hops around! <3
the tip of his tail is broken, but im not worried about it! worth that 8$ shipping lmao.....

i also have updated my wants list! check it out!
i also have decided to stop collecting pokes besides the shinx line. so with that, updated sales!

that's all for now, folks! have a nice night/day/evening! <3
Tags: gets, sales, shinx, wants
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