fromstarcave (fromstarcave) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Wants page is up! + Where to buy JPN cards? + Selling Slowpoke?

Hey everyone! I finally have my wants page up!

My primary interest is the foot tall Jirachis - 1:1 talking takara tomy, banpresto 13in, and super dx banpresto - but for fair prices!! Just lost the DX Banpresto on y!j because I really couldn't justify $120 for it

If you could help out with anything in my wants list, though, I'd highly appreciate it!! ;v;

Also a few more things..!
►Does anyone know a good place to buy JPN versions of cards? Anybody here selling JPN Jirachi cards? I want all the ENG and JPN Jirachi cards..! y!j isn't good for JPN cards because I have to pay service fee on each..!
►Anyone selling a cheap slowpoke plush? Not as important, just wondering if anyone here happens to be selling cheap slowpoke plush or other slowpoke line merch, getting a gift for a friend!~

I wish all of you a wonderful day! ☆
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