pinkuuart (pinkuuart) wrote in pkmncollectors,

tiny gets + wants!

hey everyone! my bulba garden is slowly coming along, with small new gets from rahenna and target.

trozei stickers, XY movie keychain and my Target actually still had some of their promo Magikarps! I already picked up two of these when they came out, but I figured I would ask while I was there and he handed me two more. so I have extras now haha


I'm looking to buy some bulba line kids! I have $10 to drop on them right now, so if you have a few you want to get rid of for 10-12$ shipped please let me know! I would prefer to buy maybe 3 or more, but two at the least. I also don't mind repeats, I just don't want more of the Bulba that I have in the picture above. any other kid, please link me! :) I'm also interested in keychains, but kids are priority. thanks~
Tags: bulbasaur
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