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selling gen 1 to gen 4 pokedex pages + other flats

I got a couple of books today~!

I was granted sales permission to my previous account, jodie_kathleen, on 19 September 2014 by entirelycliched.
Feedback for my previous account can be found here, and is also linked to on my feedback for my current account.

I got a pokedex book that documents every Pokemon up through Gen 4. The pages look like this:

You tell me what Pokemon you want, and I will find and send the page to you! Please note that I will not be taking photos of individual pages.

I also have the HG/SS quiz book! The pages look something like this:

And lastly, I have the XY quiz book! The pages look a little something like this:

The HG/SS and XY quiz books do not have every Pokemon inside, so you tell me what Pokemon you're looking for, and I will look through the books and take photos of any pages that I find.

[Edit: If you want me to look through the quiz books for a particular Pokemon, I do expect you to buy something from them!]

Pages are $2.00 USD each + fees. The HG/SS and XY pages can be mailed in a letter envelope without charge to the US. The pokedex pages require an additional $1.00 shipping fee because they need to be mailed in a manila envelope. I will ship internationally, but I have to charge extra for international postage.

I also have some book pages and a book from my previous sales still available, which are displayed under the cut below.

GRASS-TYPE POKEDEX BOOK. It is a used book and has some wear. It has the name "Tyler" written in the front cover. Asking $7 each + shipping.
SOLD: Ghost/Dark/Steel, Fire.


STICKER BOOK PAGES. These pages are $1.00 each + fees. These pages require an additional $1.00 shipping fee because they need to be mailed in a manila envelope.

Set 1 Front -

Set 1 Back -

Set 2 Front -

Set 2 Back -

Set 3 Front -

Set 3 Back -

Set 4 Front -

Set 4 Back - *I realize that I did not flip Teddiursa, but there's no images on the back, so

Thanks for looking!
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