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It's Here! (SSS)


I got a package today in the mail and while I was confused by it at first it finally clicked that it was my SSS gift (it's kinda been a long week). Anyways let's see what goodies lie within! :D

Aww yeah a Bunnelby plush! I've been looking to get this guy since he came out but I guess he kept slipping my mind. I just love his sitting pose and he actually sits up pretty well (no face planting for this dude).
He is also much bigger than I thought and can't actually fit in my plush cabinet so he gets to hang out with my other big plush, which is right next to my bed <3

Next up is Plusle and Minun Jakks figures!
Another couple of things I've been eyeing for quite a while, it's so great to finally have these two in my collection.

Wait, there was a clear version of Dedenne's kid? I had no idea this even existed, that is so awesome! He'll look great next to his non clear counterpart :D

I have no clue what kind of figure is this but man it's cute. Minun looks like he's scared and is hiding behind Plusle <3

I believe these guys are kids. Funny thing about these two is I actually already have the Plusle but not the Minun. It's pretty neat to see them both together (and I don't really mind the extra Plusle, I didn't take all that great of pictures of my figures so it's all good)

I'm not actually sure if I have this figure or not but either way he is beautiful!

This looks like a coin purse, but I'm not really sure. It has Deerling on it (as well as Audino, which is one of my sides so that's pretty neat) and overall it's really cute. Note-I forgot to take a picture of the other side but it has Munna and Minccino. The only Pokemon I don't get why it's there is Minccino, the other Pokemon are pink which match the pink color of the pouch. Minccino is adorable so it's all good XD

I believe this is the preorder build-able Xerneas figure that you got when you preordered X version. I do have this figure (just not put together yet) but now I get to have one MIP so it works out really well.

And the last goodie is this very cute Meowth sticker (which was inside the letter I got, which is another thing I forgot to take a close up picture of...oops).

I got all these goodies from the wonderful talarus. Thank you so much for everything! Yeah I have to admit that I didn't take the greatest pictures of my fairly large figure collection so I don't mind the extras. You did really great and I really do love everything I got. Hopefully by next year I'll have my website up and running which will be so much more helpful than the quick pictures I took of everything this year XD
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