mastershambler (mastershambler) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New Gets and Display Setup!

Hey Pkmncollectors! I received a couple packages in the mail as well as some thrift store gets and a new collection display to share with you all!


I received this wonderful package this morning from the awesome Kitzune who helped me procure 1:1 Bulba and the Kanto Trio Kororin Friends plush as well as the 2 Splatoon Splatfest shirts! Totally weaing the Venusaur one for an Inkling cosplay!


This Pokémon Generations Venusaur, minimodels and cool freebie Poliwhirl line lenticular coin come to us from pkmnexcavation! Only need to trade a buddy for the Venusaur EX from the set who have all the Saur cards I want from the set! I'm totally looking to buy Saur cards in other languages too!


While on vacation, I picked up these hats and lanyards from Spencers in the mall to wear along with friends! We each bought a hat and became a Pokecrew everywhere we went! We got several compliments for our dedication!


These were waiting for me in the mail after we got back minus the Walmart World of Nintendo figures. Lots of new Saur figures and keychains that I didn't have that I bought in a lot on Ebay for a great price!


These thrift store goodies help me complete the VHS movie trio as well as an open Hoopa to put in my legendary shelf as well as a Bulba keychain from Ebay!


This is a new Book shelf for all my cartridge games with some Pokémon goods scattered throughout! Wish it was a little wider but things look much neater with this display. Need to mix up my Amiibo display next for all the new additions!

Thanks for checking out my post and I'm always looking forward to seeing what you all get too!
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