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Happy spring everyone! (SSS gets)

Heya fellow collectors! I hope everyone enjoys spring so far <3 It's finally getting warmer over here xD

As the title said I got my SSS package today!! :'3 I had a rough journey yesterday and have to learn so much for my finals atm, so I really could use some light in the darkness and what agui_chan sent to me really brightened up my day! <3

Nume (Tomy) and Mepp (San-Ei) wanted to help opening the mail! :D

M: What is this? There is a Goomy..."
M: "Mmm...epp"

Cute, huh? :'3

'lil Whimsicott looks soooo adorable! <3

M: "Are you really gonna take pictures?" *cralws away*
N: *getting more excited*

M: (from the background) "Just unwrap it already!"

N: *crawls around excitedly*
M: "This looks like Nume. Very well done."
OH YES IT IS SO WELL DONE! I just can't believe how beautiful this card looks ;_; Goo is just too cute for words <3 You are an amazing artist, agui_chan!! This is perfection! I put it in a big frame and as soon as I moved I'll search for a nice place to display it :'3

Yes, yes I really like them and all of the items you got me *o* And I'm so grateful you helped me out getting my hands on a grail <3

*Subby joined as soon as I opened the envelope-like wrapping behind the card*
"I just wanted to say hi. ^_^"
Perfect timing! Look what we've got here! :3

S: "This is me! ... and me! ... and.. me?"
Aren't these Subbies super cute? <3 She also customized them to Slowpoke ones, oh my *-* I'm so glad I can add more Migawaris to my collection! Thank you ;;

But that's not it! More of my favorite Pokémon! *Q*

They are so well designed, I love the way Mega Slowbro looks! :D More stickers for my collection, ahh thanks so much <3 I can't believe we are just about halfway through the package, this is already so amazing ;w;

So many Chandelure trettas :0 And Seel/Dewgong coins! I love seals and sealions so much and I really adore the evo lines of Seel and Spheal .w. She also included 3D chips of Phanpys and Bellsprouts evo line, they look awesome :D

Damono gacha figure! yay <3 I only need one more to complete the set c:

And another highlight after so many great gifts - the San-Ei Jigglypuff plushie! :O I don't even... wow ;w;

So agui_chan... I don't really have words for how much joy you brought to me with your thoughtful gifts ;w; You really got me with your wonderful art and choice of merch, and I can't thank you enough for this awesome first SSS experience! <3 You went way beyond my expectations and really made my day! Thank you so so so much :')
I hope everyone enjoys their gifts as well and had a great swap so far! I shipped my package last Saturday and it should arrive soon :3

Thanks for reading! Bye guys :)
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