Koko (cosmicxlove) wrote in pkmncollectors,

us pokecen website update! EDITS AHOY!

hello dearlings~

I was browsing about, when I saw something that the vulpix lovers in the community may like!


its called the 'kanto blossoms' promo, and it has two shirts (women's and childrens), a cute mug with vulpix on it, and there's some new spinner keychains with jolteon/eevee, flareon/eevee, and vulpix/ninetails! some other pika and vee plushes are included in the link, since they're also on the shirts.

EDIT 1- thanks goes to jarshaarashi for mentioning to me that the recent kanto veelution plushes were also added! I hadn't been sure if those were the new ones or restocks of other ones~ <3

they also say that the special anniversary 3ds will be back in stock on the 7th of april, for those still wanting one! EDIT 2: the item listing has come down from the pokecen website, probably due to people preordering! 
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