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Question About Lots

Hello everyone! How have your days been so far?

I come with a question today! I recently found a super awesome looking lot on Y!JP today that houses nearly half of my wants! I have a few questions, though;

For one, people who have purchased lots, what did the shipping come out to be? Of course, this would be a tricky question to answer, lots differ in size and weight. If this helps to simplify the question, Was the shipping cost a lot more than you expected, or less than you expected? Lots I look at are usually plushies, so I wouldn't expect weight to be a problem. I would however expect the packaging to be pretty big, plushies are pretty cushy!

Second, is it better to bid on the items, or just outright use the buy-now option when given the chance to do so? At the particular lot I'm looking at, it's a 2000 yen difference. The plush in it look kind of rare so I'm not sure if I want to take a chance or not.

Maybe I'm giving a bit too much information and someone will find the lot and buy it right away, but any help is appreciated. Thanks for your time!
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