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Final Giveaway Post! All Gifts Have Been Finished! ♡

It has been such a long time since I made a post. *__* I have been so undescribeably busy! I had to finish a huge Etsy order of 17 mini's and a big crochet Raticate. I have literally had 0% of me time for almost a month with work and school, and if I can't have a rest soon I will explode! * A *

I am completely aware that I have 3 unanswered messages in my inbox. They have all been read, and I am working on replying to them. Since they were all nice messages from my friends (yay! ☆) not concerning anything urgent, I just HAD to prioritize my Etsy orders and the giveaway. I'm sorry. I will try to get back to you all asap. It has just been really crazy for me.

Now I am working on my gets post + SSS thank you post! My gifter went so above and beyond I couldn't believe it. ♡3♡ And I need to make a permanent sales post with lowered prices as well. Busy busy busy. *__*

Enough of that! :D Even with all this going on, I can honestly say with a pure heart that I did enjoy making these gifts for you. :) Orders put pressure on me and I get nervous making them because I want to please the customer 100%! But when I make gifts, I'm more relaxed and happy and the results are often betten than with purchases. :3 A funny thing! So I did have fun. ♡

So, without furder ado, here you go! ^_^ I hope you like them! ♡

I never thought I'd get to work on a Spearow in my life. :D It was fun. ♡ You actually inspired me to use one in my playthtough of Leaf Green! ^_^

I am so in love with your oc! (If that's what I should call it?) He is adorable and I had a stupid smile on my face making him. xD I love Lopunny and I am so happy to see someone else likes him too. He has a bad rep like Gardevoir, it's a shame. :(

This is the secomd Skitty I made. ^u^ I hope you like it! There's just something about Skitty that's so awww-able. :D

I'm gonna be honest, I got super attatched to this Sealeo. xD I hope you'll take good care of it. :3 ♡

I hope all of you will understand that I have already shipped clair2522's plushie. I am not trying to put her above all of you, she just wanted to combine the shipping with another urgent item! I hope you understand. U.U

And again, I am so happy you all wanted to join! I feel super honored that all of you liked my work. :3
And mostly, I wish to bow to you all for volunteering to pay shipping. ♡ It helps quite a bit! ^_^ Makes it possible for me yo do more giveaways in the future. :) ☆ YAY!

Speaking of shipping... A few things I would appreciate! ♡

Could all of you please leave a comment to this post so I know you are aware of the gifts being finished? :3

Could you please send me a PM with your full mailing address!
If you live outside of the US, I will use your location to calculate the shipping cost!

To the US:
A Tsum to the US will be $1.93 in a regular paper envelope and $3.11 in a padded one. (Up to you! ^^)
A keychain will be $4.78

My PayPal email is WhiteChocolateHeart@mail.com (no g, just mail) Please memtion your LJ username in the notes. :)

I ship on Thursdays! ^^ I can't wait to get all of these babies to you guys!

Thank you so much everyone! I will try to make the SSS post and gets post within a week!


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