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Some wants and a question

Hey everyone! I have some recent wants- any info would be great!Right now I'm hunting for the cutest nidoran male plush I've seen!

More under the cut!

I'm really hoping to find the Male Nidoran plush shown above! He seems very elusive... does anyone know who may be selling him or have one they themselves are selling? He's just far too adorable and would go great with my nidoking line! ^w^

I actually have a factory reject one myself of luxray but having an official one would be a dream!

A shinx pokedoll! I just fell in love with the pokedoll line and they are so tiny and adorable I can't help but snag a shinx to go along with my plush! ;w;

Thanks for taking a look!

I've also been going through my collection which brings me to a question I've had for awhile.

How to tell a pokemon plush is legit vs a bootleg?
any tips or info would be great- I'm trying to indentify the following under the cut!

Here is the line up of suspects!

First up is dragonite and ampharos! They both have the same tag and were gifts- I'm not sure of their origins which makes me curious.

2nd is the groundon pokedoll? Another gift! Cute as heck but still left wondering!

and the last but certainly not least is the Umbreon canvas plush- I know he was found on ebay- and I think my brother paid 40 at least for him. I feel like he's authentic but I just am not sure due to it being from ebay and the sea of booties on there.

Any help is appreciated! Also any advice on how to spot bootlegs vs legit plushies would be great to know! Thank you! :D
Tags: luxray, nidoran, shinx, umbreon
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