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Collection Update and Contest!!

I arranged my collection and thought I could share :D

My shelf as of now~ :) see some new faces?? Thanks again for the Crogunk majora1990!! ^^

Just some close ups on the most recent purchases I can think of:

On twiter, I saw that sunnyshore were selling kuttari's for just $5 and I had to jump on that deal! I love placing vaporeon on my sleeping cats XD

Okay, so after seeing Jessie and her Gorguest, I just had to get this chuppa figure when I saw the oppurtunity!! I think this is my favoirte pokemon that she has yet! :)

 Kyotochu is so gorgeous omg!!! All the details are so beautiful!! I like the eye makeup too! ;3

 The simple cuteness of the tales promo really won me over, the ditto is so soft and squishy!!!

My gaming shelf too! All these plushies really liven up the room; I love it @-@ I got crazy lucky and scored a 20th anniversary Celebi!

I also got a few Pokemon kyun cards! I love everything about this series~

A little off topic, but ninetails told me awhile back that my pic was on the Pokemon20 website!! I could not believe it!! :000 did any of you guys make it to the site as well???

Okay so pkmnexcavation and I will be judging a Pokemon plush dress up contest! As most of you may know, I really love Pokemon in costumes so it's a pretty simple gig, all you have do is dress your favorite Pokemon plush with your favorite props and accessories and enter it in the comments. :)

1 entry per member.

As for the entries, submit them in the comments, and if you can choose the picture Size 600, then title your piece!

Pokemon that already have a outfit/accessory are not allowed and will result in a disqualification.

Filters and borders are okay, just not digital props like ribbons and hats.

Contest will end April 20th

The main points go to the creativity you put into your entry, but things like background and quality will add/take away to/from your submission.


I will choose 3 winners, the first place winner will get a Pokemon art academy certificate drawing of their winning piece in color emailed to them, an example would be say you entered a pikachu in a dress, then you would get a drawing of said pikachu in said dress!! \(^o^)/ second and third will get their pieces drawn in black and white and emailed to them when it's done!

Examples of my work here:

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