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20th Anniversary Tribute + New Collection Setup!

Hey guys :)

Who else is left to still receive their sss gifts? I am super excited :D

Anyways, amidst all the sss waiting, I still wanted to post something different.
I know I may be a little late to the party, I still wanted to post my own contribution to the 20th anniversary! LOL
Also, I FINALLY have a new display for my collection in my room, yay! :D

Here you can see a little glimpse of it with a 20th anniversary setup I secifically made for this photo!

Happy 20th anniversary <3

And here is my overall new display!

I made a few more photos for the 20th anniversary which you can see under the cut, it really was a lot of fun!

This picture has a special meaning to it related to my time with Pokemon in my childhood which I'll explain under the cut :)
If you have time, I'd love to see similar photos from you related to your experiences with Pokemon when you first got to know it! :)

So each single piece in this photo has a special meaning :)
- Pikachu: Yellow was the first Pokemon game I ever played as a child :) I think I was 9 or 10 years old.
- Charmander: Of course, Charmander is my favorite Pokemon :D and it has always been so since my childhood! Charmander was always my favorite starter Pokemon you could get later in Yellow and I evolved it into a Charizard way before the others got to evolve into their final stages :D
- The Charizard sprite: This sprite is also a tribute to Yellow! It is Charizard's sprite in the game and therefore super nostalgic to me! I was always so happy when my Charmander evolved into that proud and cool-looking fire dragon!
- Bulbasaur: Another starter I remember I often chose when playing the other versions, blue or red :) He is also my second favorite Kanto starter!
- Jessie and James, Mewtwo, and Mew: another tribute to Yellow, and generally the anime and the old games, and of course, the first movie which was simply AWESOME. The mystery of Mew back in the day was simply amazing and I recall discovering the Mew glitch for the first time after browsing the internet for HOURS and trying out different glitches! To me back then, the internet was a completely new and exciting thing, and in fact I found out that when I discovered the Mew glitch, it was actually around the time when it was first discovered! Isn't that amazing? :)
- Butterfree was another Pokemon I frequently chose in the original games and the fight against the first Gym leader Brock is such a fond memory :D
- Jigglypuff: That was my first Pokemon plush ever! I got it for Christmas when I was 9 I believe. I was sick that Christmas, but I was so happy to get that Jigglypuff anyway. I originally wanted a Charmander but since my parents couldn't find one, they got me Jigglypuff. It was one of my favorites as a child.
- Lugia, Typhlosion and Cyndaquil, Chinchou and Slowking: They represent the 2nd generation! Typhlosion and Cyndaquil have always been my favorite Johto starters. I remember I drew Chinchou a lot, and Slowking is a representation of the second Pokemon movie I got to watch in the cinema.
- Sandshrew card: When I was a child I used to play Pokemon Stadium with a classmate sometimes, and I always won at the mini game with Sandshrew! :D
- Diglet and Charmander cards: I used to draw a lot of Pokemon with one of my childhood friends back then and I remember she always drew Diglet because she wasn't that good at drawing xD I was especially fond of that Charmander card and used it as a reference often.
- Miltank card: Well, who doesn't remember Whitney (Bianca in German) in Gold and Silver!! xD I have a very vivid memory of a holiday in France as a child where I brought my gameboy and was playing Gold. I remember I tried to beat Whitney several times lying on the bed in the hotel room before going to the beach until I started crying and threw my gameboy in the corner so it got switched out and I had to start all over hahahaha xDD

Phew, that was long! :D Kudos to those of you who have made it through this heap of text haha :D

Here are some more fun photos in honor of my childhood with Pokemon and the 20th anniversary I made :)

Here I put some oldshool and newer versions of figures next to each other to see how they have changed, which I think was really interesting!

Here I gathered all the Pokemon games and their respective consoles I have. Not many, admittedly, but I only got back into Pokemon when X and Y were released so I'm lacking especially the ones in between 2nd and 5th gen. Also, actually I also have yellow, still frm my childhood! However, I couldn't find it at this point and so it isn't included in the photo. I found it afterwards though :D


And now on to my new collection setup and some more detailed photos :)

And here it is in all its glory <3
My boyfriend got me these two shelves from someone who didn't need them anymore and they fit perfetly above my TV! I admit, it's not the best display one can have, but I'm still pretty satisfied with it until maybe some day I can get some wood shelves.
I put my Pokedolls in them and some of my side collections. This really made a huge difference! Now, it looks much more organized and I could finally add in all the plushies that were scattered around in my room.

And here are some more detailed shots of my shelves:

I finally made a small shelf for all my bird Pokemon now :)

My Charmander shelf looks really full now, I love it :)

My Charizards <3 (except for the two mega plush who sit on my TV ^^) Another Charizard member is soon to join the flock, but it's still sitting in German customs arrrrggghhhh ;_;

My mini Bellsprouts and Weepinbells, Omanytes, Venomoths and mini Onix collection! I got some small accessories for them and made a new setup which I will show in a few days :)

And my Natus and Noiverns.

Thanks everyone for looking and reading :)

I'll leave you with a link to my collection site here:

*~ ~*
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