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Top Insight Plushes? Gets, Questions, Sales

So awhile back I won something from eBay I was sure I'd never own and for super cheap too! I've only ever seen this guy being sold on the comm once or twice (and that was long before I joined) or on Y!J (which I have had some complications with and am too unfamiliar with it to fully utilize still) but one popped up on eBay and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to win him due to my finances but I did! He has basically been my most main want for some time now, and was practically grail status! Presenting, the 13in Top Insight Totodile plush!

Ahhhhhhhh I love how big he is and he's so soft and minky!!! My only issue is that they used felt-like material for his teeth and spikes but I still love him all the same and am so extremely happy to have gotten him!

This leads me to a question that I don't think I've ever asked, what is the Top Insight brand? Where does it come from? Is it it's own brand or a branch of Banpresto or something? So many questions!

My little brother also got me a present for Easter, the new Mew Pokedoll! I just had to take a picture of her alongside my beloved Mewtwo Pokedoll (who was also my very first Pokedoll!)

I also have one other question. I participated in 2 claims without thinking first because I really wanted the items, but after completing my FAFSA and after my internet bill went up I realized that I couldn't really afford these items so I was wondering if anyone would like to take my spot in these claims. The claims are for the small Pokken Lucario figure for $17 and the Jolteon mascot plush for $18 from the Twinkle Dream Kuji. Please comment here or send me a PM if you are interested! If I can't find anyone, then I will just have to accept the consequences for my impulsive actions ^^

Lastly, I have a few things listed on eBay and am hoping to list some more things soon. I am willing to sell them to comm members at the starting bid with PP fees included so comment here or PM me if you are interested. So far I have the All-star Lucario plush listed, the Zoroark Break Champion play mat, and a lot of ALL of my extra Zoroark things. I also have a Zoroark dice I can thrown in with the lot for an extra $5 and the Rumble U figure that I can throw in for free (as well as a freebie card.)
Sales Permission granted by areica96 on March 21, 2015
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