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It's here! SSS gets :3

Hey there, everyone :D

My morning was made today! Why? Because my SSS gift came<3 This is the first Swap i've been apart of on the comm and I was just so excited to finally catch the sign-ups ^w^

I have to say, it was really suspenseful checking the mail each day waiting for my gift xD so I won't keep you guys all waiting~ I didn't have the time to make an awesome photostory like some of you have, because I had to run off to class ^^; so without further adieu, click the cut to view le gets~

Little Blue the Houndour decided to bring me my mail this morning :3 It's the package I've been waiting for<33

I giggled a bit too much at this xD How dare the box lie to me! D:

Let's see whats inside!
I see a big hunk of orange :D

There was also this cute little card~ It's got all my favorite babies peeking around<3 I love the little doodles ^^ I tend to always open the cards first when it comes to gifts haha

There was also this "Valentine's Day" card xD the little drawings are so adorable!! It kinda gives you a hint of who my gifter was xD

My Gifter was none other than pepperzark ! Thank you so much for all of this! It truely made my morning<3 The card you wrote was so sweet ;u; I really appreciate all of this! Those gummy bears better run, because I may just eat all of them in one sitting xD and I absolutely LOVE skittles, so I will have quite the feast. Thank you so much again<3

And here's a group shot of what was inside C:
The Lizardon Night promo Charmander plush, a bunch of amazing candies :d and a cute little tissue pack with some megas and the bulba-line on them<3 I absolutely adore everything! The charmander goes great with his Charizard counterpart! This promo had such good plushies, I'm so happy to have both :D

"Welcome to the clan, young one!" xD

My Char Display is getting a bit too crowded...

A Huge thank you to pepperzark again! This has been such a fun swap and I'm way happy with all the gifts i got<3

To my SSS partner: Your gift has been shipped and should be arriving soon ;D

Have a wonderful day, everyone<3
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