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Plush Identification?

Hey guys! I have a quick question about my 'TOMY' Mew plush! I bought her in 2014 on eBay for around $15 I believe, and don't remember if the seller was from Japan or China, but it was definitely one of the two (I remember because shipping took forever (maybe a month and half) and I didn't recieve any updates on her whereabouts after she was marked as shipped). The seller did have a few in stock at the time, but is no longer on eBay as far as I can tell. Since I'm fairly new to collecting and bootleg identification, I'm kind of uncertain about her, especially because I keep seeing posts with other 'TOMY' mews that are very similar in shape, but appear to have altogether different material/eye shape/color. Of course, these things could be due to age/wear, lighting and etc. so I just can't be sure! If anyone has any info on this plushie please let me know! I'd be extremely grateful. :) (Also, if this post is in any way breaking any rules, let me know and I will change/delete it! I checked the guidelines and am pretty sure I'm ok, but one can never be too sure!)
I bought this #mew on eBay in 2014 & I'm not sure if she's legit or not. Her tag just says 'TOMY', & I didn't pay a lot for her. Either way she's a cutie (& honestly one of my favorites from my collection). 😅🎀 #pokemon #pokemon20 #pokemonmew #original151 #cute #kawaii #love #pokemonplush #pkmncollectors #mewplush #bootlegpokemon?
I've also included a small collage with the other similar mews under the cut!
If any of the pictures included are yours and you would like me to remove them, I'll be more than happy to!

Mine is in the bottom right corner, and the others are various mews that have come up in a google image search. The top left mew I believe was debated here on pkmncollectors a few years back but I didn't see a definite answer on it? (I may have missed it :/ ) and the other two looke super similar except for their pupils. They also have that same roughly fluffy-looking material, while mine has longer, smoother-looking fur. Again, this could be because the others were washed or just well-loved. Another point that worried me about mine that you can kinda see in the picture are her pupils, actually. You can see where the glue spread under them which I would think is the mark of a bootie. But again, it could be an age thing? I really don't know aha. I do love this mew a lot, but am going to be pretty disappointed if it does turn out that I've suported a bootlegger -_- Will definitely be more careful in future shopping adventures though! Thanks for any/all help guys! I hope I can be a little more active commenting on posts and stuff! I really enjoy seeing everyone's collections/reading advice and stuff :3

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