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Absolutely Amazing Get!

Hooray my big box of stuff arrived from Japan today! :) Which means I can finally start updating my sales post with all the new stuff I've bought! ^-^ I also have a massive gets post that's overdue, but while I was going through my box today I found an unexpected item that deserves a post all to itself! :D So a while ago I won this lot of movie flyers

Among which I was hoping to find my mini grail the Absol movie poster from the Jirachi Wishmaker movie. Sadly no poster, but look what I found instead! :D

Stickers and clear files! :D There were tonnes of these (especially the sticker sheets) but I'm happy because they all feature a Pokemon I collect and I wouldn't have bought them otherwise! :) Quite nice bits, but they weren't what made be really excited! :D

Look at all these stamps! :O So I thought this would be a lot of movie promotion stuff, but it was actually mostly stamp books and flyers for the stamp rally in Japan! For those who don't know, this is when they have different Pokemon stamps at different stations, so every time you visit a station you can get a special stamp! :) Whoever owned this lot certainly did a lot of travelling! :O This book is completely filled (yay Articuno and Suicune! :D) and there are plenty of other flyers with the stamps too.

Hooray a special Mega Absol stamp! :D And Amaura! :D I actually got a few of these, so if you want one let me know! ;) Now here's where things started getting good...

The plastic stamp rally mat and a special Lugia movie coin! :D The mat is big and awesome! :) I folded it up so I can see Absol on it. And the Lugia frame has a tiny Articuno engraved into it, which I've never noticed before when seeing pictures of it.

Ooh, what's this? A special Jirachi movie stamp booklet? :D Sadly this is one of the few that hadn't been stamped, but there are small pictures of all the stamps on the side of it so still good to have I guess! :) And finally, the item that actually made me gasp when I pulled it out the bag...

What???!!! It's an inflatable beach ball with Absol on it! :D Looking through the flyers, I think this was one of the stamp rally prizes. So I am really really glad now that the seller was so dedicated to finding all those stamps! XD Nearly all the stamp rally prizes were included in this lot, but this was the only one that has Absol on it! :) I'm so happy to have this item. I didn't realise it even existed until now! XD

So yeah needless to say finding that item in my lot made my day! :) Now I have to go through all the flyers and add them to my sales post haha! XD Expect some more non-flat auctions and a massive sales update coming soon! :D
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