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Princess ♔

♡ Self made Serena's Pokemon Charms for Sale ♡

Hey guys !! I'm SUPER excited to show off something that I've been working on for the past few weeks !!

That's right ~ I made charms out of Serena's Pokemon in their performance attire !! I really couldn't help myself, they're all so cute. This was only going to be of Sylveon but then decided I should make them all. So anyway info on how to get some is behind the cut !!

♡ All PKMNcollectors community rules apply.
♡ I will not ship to banned members and can refuse to sell to anyone I don't feel comfortable with.
♡ First come first serve, make sure you let me know you're committing.
♡ Haggling is fine to an extent but no hard feelings if I don't accept.
♡ I will only hold for 48 hours if you're committing, if you back out you will be left with negative feedback.
You have 24 hours to pay after I reply to you with your total.

♡ I was granted sales permission on February 28th, 2016 by areica96
♡ My feedback is here :
♡ Please leave me feedback when your item arrives and I'll do the same for you !

♡ Items come a smoke free and pet free home.
♡ My prices are in USD and I only accept paypal, no e-checks.
♡ I ship from Florida, USA and I can only ship within the USA.
Important : I'm disabled and don't own a car. I rely on my dad to drive me to the post office so I can usually ONLY SHIP ONCE A WEEK. If you buy from me you are accepting this.
♡ I am not responsible for lost or damaged goods due to the post, after I mail them they're out of my hands.

These charms are 1.5 inch, double sided acrylic, on a pink strap. They cost $10 shipped each or $26 shipped for the full set !

To order them go here to my shop :
EDIT: 4/7/2016 I've now added a 20% discount code to my shop !
Get 20% off when you enter the code SPARKLE at checkout !

EXTRA INFO: If you buy one or two charms I can safely mail them out in a plain white envelope and give them to my mail lady in the morning, I've done this before with other charm sales and they arrive fine. If you buy the full set I will put them in a bubble mailer and go to the post office though like my rules say I ship this way once a week. Also shipping is free either way c:

Due to high international shipping costs I cannot ship these outside the USA. ((I shipped an envelope to Europe the other day and it was $15 yikes)) So I'm sorry for the inconvenience, however I don't mind shipping them to a friend who can ship to you if you'd like to do that !

Anyway thank you very much everyone for looking and have a great day !!

Tags: braixen, pancham, sales, sylveon
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