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A wild contest entry appeared!

And it's sooo late D:
I just first wanted to take a lot of pictures out in the snow but this time of year is so dark that you can't see anything outside. So my plan got kicked out of the window and I started to think...what is Christmas like besides snow, the tree and presents?



So a little about this picture:
The Pikachu gang took over the far corner, huddling up together in the warmness and having generally fun. Until Raichu came all "Rairai~" to them and the ebil little things got a bit michevious. They didn't want a Raichu in their Pikachu corner. Especially such a small one as this. :C

( Don't worry I scolded every one of them and they took Raichu with them after that.<3 )

My two Meowths were chilling on the edge, as close to the heat source as possible. :3

Gengar is such a lonely wolf and he didn't want to hang out with the others So he snuggled into my Ash towel. D:

Next there's Snorlax...surprise surprise, sleeping. And poor Ledyba is clinging to him, not liking the heat at all. Poor thing is the only grass pokémon here.

Of course my water pokémon would be the ones taking care of the water bucket. The big Squirtle has the ladle since he's the only one that can use it. The others are too small. xD Mantyke wanted to swim in the bucket, but fortunately the older ones took care of him and didn't let him go in there. Staryu's just chilling xD

The pink gang got in last and they were closest to the door, so they could get out quickly if the water pokémon went too happy with the water throwing, and it would get hot.

Ho-oh said that she wasn't as childish the others and didn't want to come in the first place. But I said to her that someone had to look after all of them, and she finally went in too. <3

While I lack fire pokémon in my little family, I have two heat loving Meowths. XD After they got tired of getting wet while sitting near the water pokémons. Poor giant Meowth got his paws burned when he went too close to the stove in the sauna.

Finally I just let them be, and enjoy their first time in sauna and went to write this post. xD I should get them out soon before someone passes out from dehydration or over heating.

And just to clear it before anyone asks: The first picture is my contest entry.
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