Wren (maplewren) wrote in pkmncollectors,

20th Anniversary Darkrai Plush - EB Games Canada Pre-Sale

I haven't posted anything here in a good long while but considering I'm completely caught up on the crushed velvet plush craze, now's a good time!

The fact that TRU and GameStop have been releasing their exclusive plush weeks ahead of streetdate is super anxiety-inducing, so I've been checking Reddit and the tags here for Manaphy and Darkrai fairly regularly since I neglected to do so before and I missed out on checking my local stores. @_@
Google helped out a ton this morning though, because I found this


Looks like Darkrai is already up for pre-order for EB Games Canada! Not sure how legit this is as I'm in the US and can't take advantage, but I hope this helps anyone trying to stay on top of scalpers!
Tags: darkrai, plush, tomy
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