thegengar0215 (thegengar0215) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Introduction :D!

Hey everyone! I am somewhat new to this website, as some of you may already know from buying all of your gengar merchandise lol. If not then hello! I am a HUGE gengar fan and I am buying almost anything gengar I dont already have in my collection. I am so envious of kidgengar who I've seen on this website and I can only hope that someday my collection will hold a light to his haha. Anyways, I am a 21 year old college student in florida and I recently got a full time job so i can finally afford some cool stuffs. Everyone on pkmncollectors so far has been extremely kind and accepting, so everyone keep being awesome! If any of you have any gengar merch that you might think I would be interested in PLEASE feel free to pm me because if I dont have it I WANT IT :). I know that is kinda vague but I will be doing a collection post soon so that should help clear things up. Like I said I am new so if this post doesnt follow any guidelines or needs to be edited in some way let me know lol. Oh one last thing is I have been using this com, ebay, and Y!J! to obtain what I have so far but if any of you know other good places to look for gengar merch let me know! 'Till my next post I'll be lurking around in peoples sales fo geng stoofs XD!
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