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Permanent Sales Post + SSS and other gets! ♡♡♡

I am super tired and was gonna push this post just a bit further, but I really wanna thank my SSS gifter since they were just so amazing! ; u ; I decided to combine this post with my other recent gets as well~☆

Before I get started, I have finally managed to put up a permanent sales post! Now it will be easy as I can just link it whenever needed. :3


I HAVE REDUCED THE PRICES A LOT!!! Like, crazy much. Most plushis are 50%-60% off and everything else has reduced prices as well. :3 Please check it out! ♡

LINK: http://whitechocoheart.livejournal.com/690.html

Okay, now to the gets!

I have a lot of exciting stuff I want to share with you guys! :3 I want to start with my WAY TOO AWESOME SSS gift! ♡♡♡

An enormous thanks topped with marshmallows and rainbows to noibatcutie !~♡

They went so above and beyond and I can't believe they got me all this stuff. *0* I'm so grateful!

It all came with the cutest message. :3

All the stuff was just perfect! I got the Amaura Korotto Manmaru plush that I wanted SO bad! It's definitely the cutest one out there. :3 In there was also a Flareon Pitapoké! Noibatcutie didn't even know it, but the Flareon was highest on my wants list. :D So awesome! *squeal* I am still determimed to collect the whole set, even if it takes years... xD

That was already so much, but could you believe there was more?!?! (>u<)

I got another Glameow and Purugly Zukan. :3 Noibatcutie was aware thay I already had one, but I never mind duplicates on my precious Purreautiful baby! ♡ They even had a great idea of getting it painted shiny! I have wanted to get Purugly kids painted shiny, so why not the Zukan as well? :D I just need to find a REALLY talented minifigure painter... xD

And the last and the best...


Thank you so so so much! ;___; I loved everything to pieces and COULD NOT be happier. You are awesome, Noibatcutie~♡ I hope you got/get the most awesome SSS gift as well. :'3 ♡ *throws cupcakes*

And now, to the other gets. ^^

I trated with zigguppafu and got these two cuties! They are both so soft and just perfect! ; 3 ;

On my trip to LA, I got two quite big plushies. I am so in love with the Eevee! The cutest one I've seen so far. :3 I am temoted to remove him from his 'seat' to handle the paws, but I'm not sure if I dare to. xD

I'm not sure if the Dedenne is legit though? :0 (I wish he is!) His inner ears are just "glied in" and the fabric is a bit coarse. I included a few pics in case someone can tell me. :3 Thank you.

The tag is sort of 'sealed shut' with the little plastic thingie, it was so on the Amaura Korotto Manmaru as well. I didn't know this was a thing. :D

Now to my favorites, the Purreautifullness~♡

I made this for myself and keep it on my purse with a few charms. :D It always makes me happy to look at it and think I have my own Purugly with me. :3

I ordered these bookpages and a magnet from helloskitty She was SO great do deal with! ; u ; I actually ended up missing some and she pointed them out, so I ordered more... xD I don't wanna miss anything Purugly... :'P

I also got this sticker and a piece of the sticker book it belongs to from m14mouse now I am trying to think whether I attatch the sticker to the piece or not... What would you do? Seperate or together? :3

I am STILL working on making a perfect Purugly display. I've been painting little frames super pretty and arranging things. Can't wait to share it! ; u ; (In years... :'D)

Thank you so much for reading! And once again, thank you so much NoibatCutie~♡

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