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it's still March for me. xD & San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival & San Jose Tourney meetup?

March went by fast and I wasn't productive with spring cleaning since I was on a serious job hunting at tech companies and got misrerably sick... but I love this time of the year.

This is probably one of my favorite pages from this page flip calendar. I love the colors and sakura in the background and Gulpin as daifuku with dango on the plate. I need some Gulpin plush. xD

I took this pic to celebrate for St.Patrick's Day cuz green. xD

Flowers have been blooming. In my area there's a lot of these pink flower bushes so I took a pic with the Little Tales plush with it!

We still need to go to a real spring outing.

Also, there are two cool events in the SF Bay Area in April coming up~ First, the annual San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival in Japantown is on the weekends of the 9th/10th and 16th/17th. I plan on going on the final day and definitely will bring some plush for photos! Is anyone else going/want to meet up?

I also found out recently that closer to me... the South Bay Button Mashers group is hosting a Game Bash where there's gonna be a Swap Meet + Smash & Pokken tournaments at the AFK Gamer Lounge in Downtown San Jose on Sunday, April 10th. I definitely plan on going to watch the tournaments and sell some of my stuff at the Swap Meet. I think splash also plans on going so it would be nice to meet and have fun with other members. Plus, buy and sell stuff locally. ^^

if you got any questions about these events/plan to go, let me know! Are there Bay Area members down for future meetups such as in SF Japantown and Mitsuwa/Kinokuniya bookstore & nearby Tokyo Lifestyle at the Valley Fair Mall in West San Jose area + AFK Gamer Lounge and Round 1 Entertainment Center (just like the arcade center in Japan) in San Jose? Plus there's other Japanese markets in the South Bay which I've noticed have more Pokemon snacks these days! Since Pokemon World Championships is coming in the area in August it would be nice to meet members beforehand!
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