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Collection Update! <3

So, after returning from lunch today I found a package waiting for me. Little did I know what wonders this small package held!

While I (and everyone else in chat at the time) were browsing for interesting Pokemon goods (Swinub's Nose, anyone?), I found this set of 'Chara Dash' figures featuring Dialga, Palkia, and Darkrai. I'd heard of them but never seen them, wow! So I snapped up the set. 

(Palkia and Darkrai will be up for sale later, if anyone is interested! I didn't think to take pics of them yet ^_^;)

The seller also had the series 1 2007 Chupa Chups figures for $7 each. These are randomly packaged and sealed, and if you've read Gin's posts selling them, they are one of those impossible-to-find later sets where you may only see one of them ever. I was missing the Dialga from this set. The seller only had one left, and there are 12 in the set, but I figured, oh well, may as well try, I'm buying from them anyway.

So when the package arrived, I had to see if I'd gotten lucky.

 Maybe this wasn't such a good idea. It will probably be Chimchar or something and I can only sell it for about $3. Maybe if I'm lucky I'll get Lucario and I can at least get my money back.

But then I open it...and see blue legs....

Oh. My. God. I screamed. I ran around. I screamed more and muffled it in my boyfriend's shoulder, who happened to be sitting there.
He says, "...Grats?"

This figure, I had been looking for for over a year. It came out in mid 2007 so it's really hard to find sealed versions of the lollipops (Toys N Joys was the only other place I'd seen them, and they are probably sold out). It didn't appear in a year of searching the Dialga auctions on Yahoo Japan, nor of carefully looking in every figure lot I found to see if it just might have that Dialga with the front legs curved forward a little. Nor of searching sales posts to see if someone else had gotten it in a lot of items and was selling it as 'random Dialga figure' or something.

I had actually messaged this same seller some months ago when I saw that they had these in stock, and tried offering them $50 if they could open the ones they had and sell me a Dialga. But they wouldn't, because they were sealed. I didn't want to buy them out just to have a chance at getting one out of the six or so they had, but now I was. And I got the last one they had, and out of the 1 in 12 odds it was the one I wanted.

Wow. <3

What had been driving me crazy (in addition to not being able to find this guy) was that the 'prize' clear, which should be much more rare, had been relisted week after week on YJ for months, and I already had THAT one.

And here he is with his clear brother, and the Chara-Dash figure. (Yes, the Chara Dash figure is even smaller!)

And the other thing that makes this even more exciting for me...I think this is the last Dialga figure I know of that I was missing from my collection. The only possible exceptions are the platinum Chou Get (which I don't think is out yet) and the December Ichiban Kuji bucket (which I'm pretty sure isn't out yet either).

So in celebration, here are (almost) all my Dialga figures together now.

So...who am I missing? ;)

Some of the stylus and other won't-stand-up figures are in front, and I didn't include a few that had the same figures as others, but this is most of what I've got so far.

And in case anyone is bored by Dialga grails, I got another package as I was taking pictures, from tamago226 : Latias and Rayquaza mini cots!

Here's my mini cot collection so far. Not very many, but I'm just going for the ones of my favorites, or that are just TOO cute *pats Eevee*

Thanks for looking! ^_^

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