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Collection Update, Eeveelution Edition

Yay, everything I was waiting for has finally arrived, which means I can do a collection update! Apologies in advance for the last three pictures; for some reason, my camera hates the lighting in the living room after dark, no matter how many lights I have on in there.

NEW LEAFEONS! The pokedoll is from Sunyshore (YAY!) and the standing Tomy from YesAsia. Whoever showed off pictures the other day and said that they came in a small box.. you weren't kidding! I was expecting a small box, but it was MUCH smaller than expected! Geez. XD;

My tiny Leafeon collection (minus the charm, which is on my purse.. see a couple pictures down). :3

New Umbreon pokedoll (also from Sunyshore). Eee. :D I had been a bit wary about spending the money on an Umbreon, since I have the first edition one. I'm glad I did, though, because the fabric is SO SOFT (none of the other pokedolls I have are made with the soft fabric.. except Leafeon, of course). I like the build of the first one/how it's put together better than the newer one even if it can't stand on its own, but the fabric makes the new one totally worth it to me. Plus, you can never have too many Umbreon.

Uh-oh. Now there's TWO OF THEM. Ninja!Umbreon will continue to go by.. Ninja!Umbreon. She's the original pokedoll on the right. The newer pokedoll, while also a neeenja, is called Little Brother. Because he's.. like her little brother. Or stuff.

Chaaaarms. :D Again from Sunyshore. Umbreon and Leafeon. Currently on my purse.. but we'll see. Might take them off later to make sure they don't get too scratchy (you can see JazzHands!Tyranitar on there, too).

Last but not least.. Kids! Sableye and Weavile are from tamago226 and Poochy is from naykomii! YAY! Thank you, guys! :D

Group shot time including the new stuff! Kids (and a Tomy)!


The gang (minus most custom stuff/flat items/etc)! c:

Many thanks to everyone I've bought from. You guys are the ones who are making my collection so nice. <33 Hopefully after Christmas I can get a want list up so I can snag the last few items that I am omgomgomgwantwantwant! after. XD

Happy holidays, all! c:
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