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♫♦Pokemon Cafe♦♪

So, since my small collection post, I've gotten some things in the mail from denkimouse, glacidea and usakochan. I'm also looking for a Leafeon plush now, because I have a wonderful comic idea! :3

A comic about a Pokemon Cafe, with Pan (my Shinx), Café (my Umbreon), Crème (my Eevee [still in the mail XD]), and Thé (my Leafeon that I have yet to get XD). I want to have it set in Johto or Sinnoh, but I'm not sure which. :3

I was wondering if anyone had ideas for little stories for the four of them and me, and was wondering if anybody knew of anyplace to get a Leafeon PokeDoll? I doubt anyone wants to sell theirs, as they just got them. XD;;
(I know about some on eBay, but the shipping costs are too much for me right now. XD; Forgot to put that...)

I'll post concept art either here (if I can scan it) or on my journal with a post here about it. :3

Thanks guys! ♥
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