Johnathan Carnahan (feraligatrdan) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Johnathan Carnahan

my first YJ gets. Christmas in April!

I'm pretty new to live journal and it wasn't too long ago that I first learned about Yahoo Japan. I've totally become addicted to stalking YJ pages to look for rare and elusive Pokemon goods. This is my first order and I got so much stuff off my want list and even a couple of my grails. I mostly collect Pokemon Christmas stuff; Pins, Charms, Figures, etc. Some of my stuff came in lots so some of the items I got I'm not interested in keeping, it'll be up for trade/sale, once I get sales permission. Here goes:

What's inside?! Like I don't already know.

Ahhh! All the things!

These were the extra things that just came in my lots. Prolly sell/trade most of this stuff at some point:

Sticker Sheet and Pins from Pokemon the Movie

Watches, Post Card and Patch from Ana Airlines merch

Pokemon Mouse Pad

Various Pins - I only collect Christmas Pins so I don't need any of these other pins.

These two I actually wanted:

Pokemon Halloween Candy Jar - I actually love this thing. Halloween is my second favorite holiday after Christmas. There's not much Pokemon Halloween stuff and this thing is sooo cute.

Pikachu Heart Pin

Now for the real stuff. Merry Christmas!

The last two Christmas Market Pin sets I needed. The little Dwebble in the bell is my favorite.

Took forever to find these Snowman Charms and the Oshawott Snowman Key Chain. I'm still looking for the Torchic Snowman key chain.

Glad to have some Gen 4 Christmas Pokemon. Gonna separate them and turn them into ornaments.

I was so excited when I found these two Pokemon Sweets Charms. I mean they literally have bells that chime attached, how much more Christmas can you get. I didn't even know the Pichu one existed. Still looking for the Delibird/Slowpoke one. I think it's just those three that came out that year. Anyone know if that's correct or if there are anymore I don't know about?

Even though this is just one of the normal charms it was hard to find in the US. Delibird is literally the Santa Claus of Pokemon so of course I needed him.

And now for the grails. As much as I love the Charms and Keychains the Pins are my only true grails. It's my goal to get them all and today I got a little closer to that goal.

The 2002 Christmas Pin. I actually already had this one. I picked this one up as an extra to have it as trade fodder for the pins I'm still missing.

The 2000 Christmas Pin. There are actually two different 2000 Christmas pins. Still on the hunt for the other one.

The 1999 Christmas Pin. I actually managed to pick up 2 of these. The other one is available for trade. But only for one of the other Christmas Pins I'm missing.

And now for the grailiest of grails. The 1998 Christmas Pin. This was the very first Christmas Pin and the one I thought I would never find. I actually bought an entire lot full of other stuff I didn't even want just because I saw this pin in the middle of all this other unrelated stuff. Even though Pokemon celebrates it's 20th Anniversary this year the pins only go back to 1998 because that's the year the first Pokemon Centers opened up in Japan. This works perfect for me because since Pokemon didn't come to the US until 1998 it wasn't part of my life in 96 or 97. It makes me so happy to have the very first one. Makes me think it might be possible to get them all after all.

And there you have it. My first YJ gets. Despite all the waiting and all the extra fees (that's where they really get ya) I'm so happy with my experience and hope to someday finish my Christmas Pins set. If you have any available for trade/sale let me know. Merry Christmas, in April!
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