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My SSS!!! Careful, SUPER image heavy + photostory!

Hello there guys!
It's almost 1AM over here, but I can't help NOT finish this up, it's just how excited I am about this package!!!

And again, Camellia wants to help me out open the package!!

Camellia: Has it really been a year? What's in it this time? SO EXCITED! <3
Me: Looks like it! Let's open it!

Me: There's a letter! Let's read...
Camellia: *hurries and takes the first package*

Camellia: What's in this? ^///^
Me: Camellia, don't be so hasty!

Camellia: Look at this cute cup!

Look at this SUPER ADORABLE cup!!!! Well, I am not going to lie that I indeed did buy this exact one when I was in Japan just a month ago, but I bought it, because it was the last one they had and I have been looking for it...only to find out that I get one in my SSS package!!! Just OMFG, THANK YOU THANK YOUUUUUUU!!!!!!! This cup is just so incredibly cute, I am actually happy to have another one!!!! The more, the merrier! It's actually one of the handiest to have, because it's see-through and therefore I can easily see what's inside, not like the other PC tins I have, in which I don't always remember what I put in those XD

Just look at how INCREDIBLY CUTE this design is!!! I love polka dots to bits (I have numerous clothes with those), the fruit pieces and stars are just a nice touch in the background of Pikachu and Eevee and I just can't stop loving this one!!!

Camellia: Hurry, next one! ^w^
Me: ...I give up...

Camellia: Another cute cup!! Can I use it pleaase?
Me: Fine fine...

NO WAY, EEEEEEEEEE!!!!! This old Little Tales cup from 2014 is a really old want of mine that I never got around buying it! So THANK YOU for finding this one for me!!!! ;__________; <3333
Surprisingly, it's made from fragile glass material! I thought it would be made of plastic!!

Took a photo of all the sides, I mean, HOW FREAKING ADORABLE IS THE DESIGN???????? Although the one with Piplup and Diglett cracks me up, what the hell are you looking at Diglett?? XD

Me: *puts cup back*
Camellia: *is already opening the next*

Camellia: First thing!

Now I am not going to lie, I found this again at the Pokemon Center when I went there last month. I wanted to buy it so badly, but decided against it JUST BECAUSE I have put it into my SSS wants list! I thought to myself: "If I don't get it as an SSS gift, no problem, I will just buy it from a middleman!" Aaaaand here he is!!!! THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH!!!!! You can't even imagine how HAPPY this charm makes me, since I just love Ash's Greninja so much ;________; <333

Camellia: Now look at these!!
Me: :O!!!!

FROAKIE AND CUBCHOO PITAPOKE FIGURES!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness, I don't even know how much I can thank you by this point, and we aren't even in the half of the package!!!! These two adorable Pitapoke figures are another two things that I kept resisting for some reason and never got around getting them, and now they were included in this wonderful SSS package!!!! The Pitapokes are one of my absolute favorite designs in Pokemon merchandise! That Froakie with the hot bathtub and milk and Cubchoo with the chair and beach umbrella!!! My heart is melting from the cuteness!!!! <333333

Of course, can't resist showing off my Cubchoo line collection, one of my favs from Generation 5!!

And of course my Froakie line collection as well!! I have to figure out and will probably just rearrange everything to fit him in there!

Camellia: Next one!!

Me: O-M-F-G!
Camellia: Just like mine!!

Damn, how did you figure me out??? I have the Snivy version of this tin and they are one of the nicest tins out there because of the random choice of somewhat unpopular Pokemon and the figures on top being like handles!!! (Now PC, please make a Charmander one as well to complete my fav starter trio!)

Pictures of all the Pokemon on the tin + how the cookies look like! Honestly, I really don't mind the cookies are past the expiry date, because I mainly, as you probably know by now, love the tin the most and that I can use! I seriously did not expect to get this Froakie tin!!! This one was another one I was eyeing, but after a time, I really forgot about it I admit. So THANK YOU for making me remember that I really wanted to have this tin when it first came out, because it's as gorgeous as the Snivy one I have and a joy to have in my tin collection!!! <33333

Camellia: More, more!!

Camellia: Another tin, for cookies? ^///^

May I just say that you can read my mind?? X'DDD This tin was in a GA a few months ago and I really wanted to bid on it, but decided against it, because I was mainly saving up for my trip to Japan. This winter promotion was one of my faves, especially because Froakie got the nicest treatment out of all four in terms of accessiories imo. I mean, just look at him, all happy sledging with that big smile of his, how cute is that???? I also really really SUPER APPRECIATE that you took the time to look for these older tins for me, because not only have I been really wanting these, it's also because I was in Japan and at the PC myself, I could buy the newer tons for myself there and of course, I couldn't resist. These tins you bought for me are obviously older and therefore long sold out. So you can't even imagine how happy you made me ;_______;

Of course, I had to take picture of the whole tin around, the simple stories behind each Pokemon is just so adorable <333
I also REALLY love the typical Christmasy and wintery background with the trees and snowmen. Winter is my favourite season and Christmas is my fav holiday, so of course this has to be one of my fav tins!!

Camellia: Let me try!
Me: NOOO, they are past expiry date! D:
Camellia: ...aww... :'(

Camellia: A bunch of other things! :O
Me: Oh my!

So my secret someone told me that they were actually looking for some old wants of mine that I have a hard time looking for myself! So may I just say that I am very grateful how you took the time to look for some really old wants that are just so hard to track down??? Let's look at the pictures inside!!!

SO MANY HIDDEN MANTYKES!!!!! It has been a while since I have gotten anything of the my favorite flying manta ray, so this was such a nice surprise!!!!

One of the pages also had this Jackie and Mantyke page!!!!!! NO WAY!!!! I love Jackie so soooo much, of course, I had to include my Jackie and Mantyke figure in the shoot!! I admit my love for him is also a little biased, since he just spreads some more manta ray love <3333

NO FREAKING WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been after this pokeball watch for so freaking long, and most of the time, these pokeball watches are hard to track down, because seller don't tend to open it up to see what's inside, it's a bummer. What's really amazing about this watch is that that Mantyke has the honor of being in a kind of merchandise with just Kyogre and nobody else. Props to you little ray <33333

At first I didn't know what these were until I found out they are another expired chocolate treats. I don't mind, these look absolutely darling and will be a joy for my collections <3333

Annnnd these gorgeous little figures!!!!! Charmander is a rubber figure, but Froakie is a CRAYON!!! That is so neat, I could never use him though, it would be a shame really XD The details on them are so nice!!!!

Super adorable Pokemon center sticker sheet that I didn't know existed!!! (until I have it in my wants list and I forgot about it X"D)
It features two Mantyke poses, which is really nice!! I actually don't see the bottom one in any merch, while the upper one has been featured in a lot of merchandise before!

Look at all these WONDERFUL flats!!!! I have been after the ones on the top for a long time, but somehow couldn't find them!!! The other ray flats I didn't know existed, especially the one with Milotic!!! It's really neat looking, even though poor Mantine is getting pwned XD
And what do I see????? AN AEGISLASH FLAT I DON'T HAVE YET????? OMFG, as some people might know, my main priority in merch right now is Honedge line, and they don't have that much merchandise (in contrast to Mantyke line, these rays have so much!!!), so everytime I get something new, I am just so happy you can't even imagine it!!! <333

Me: Finally we come to the letter!
Camellia: Who gave us all these? ^///^

It was no other than the wonderful xxlatiosxx!!!! <3333

Group shot of all the items together!!! xxlatiosxx, you can't even imagine how much you have made my day!!! I have already said this tons of times, but I have to say it again. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH for all these wonderful presents, you really went such an extra mile for me ;_________; <33333
Not to mention, this is like a Birthday package, since I have Birthday on 10th of April! I am also sick with a headache, sore throat and whatnot, so when I heard the courier ringing, I was wondering whether this would be the SSS package, because I haven't been expecting anything else (except one thing, but that won't arrive until much later). This package made all that annoying pain go away (almost) X'D


Camellia: I want some tea...and cookies! This all made me tired...
Me: Let's go then! I want some, too!

*after 15 minutes in the kitchen*
Me and Camellia enjoying a nice green tea with matcha powder that I bought in Japan and some Pikachu cookies with it!


For all those who endured my spazz until now with Camellia, thank you for looking! Hope you enjoyed <33

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