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SSS, New Gets and Coming Soon!


I've been getting some great pins lately, and have more on the way.  My SSS really surprised me with a couple of pins I didn't have.

SSS cut!

I opened up the SSS envelope before I thought about taking a picture of it.  Inside was a great note from latiasylveon and a very nice hand drawn picture of Jolteon!  I need to flatten out the picture because the post office was not kind to it.

Closeup of the great picture!!  Thank you!

I received two pins, the 21st Century Pocket Monsters pin and a Gen. 5 Unova Toxic badge!!  I'm not sure why I haven't collected any of the cosplay badges yet, but this may change my mind.  As for that left pin, I have been searching for it for the past 6 months. I first saw it selling on ebay (there were two in one auction) and I forgot to bid.  I've been kicking myself ever since and hoping to find one.  Thank you Latiasylveon!!

Here's some new items I've recently gotten:

Gets cut!

Mudkip bobblehead pin

Turtwig, Chimchar and Piplup pin (These pins are huge!)

Pokemon Diamond version half pin

Pokemon Pearl version other half pin

Jirachi TCG pin

Gotochi Osaka Pikachu pin (Thanks zorroark!)

Was so happy to find this ANA 2001 tack pin.  I've collected the others but they are all safety pin styled.  I may cut those off and glue some tacks on the back because they are super cool.  Is that wrong?  Nah.

Thanks to chocolate_chip for getting these from the Kyoto Pokemon Center for me! (not the hot-air balloon ones, they came from ebay)  They look great in my collection and that Ho-oh is my favorite of the pokemon center grand opening pins.

Coming Soon cut!

I've recently learned about FromJapan and have been using it to find pins I can't find (or decently priced) in the states. Found this guy and had to have him.  There's another version of Pikachu smiling and waving that I'm still looking for.  Can't wait to get this guy!

Marill will be here soon!!  I have a couple different Marill pins, but not one this cool.

Getting these 3 Gotochi pins from various sellers...

Getting these Pikachu cosplay Lugia/Ho-oh pins...

...and I had to have the new easter pin.  Just wish I had all the old ones too.

 Speaking of my collection, here's my pin board now:

Official count = 262!  Getting closer to 300!  I know it's growing but it doesn't feel or look like it.

I think that's about it.  Still need to find time to make a wants list, but soon.  Thanks for reading!
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