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sss!!! with photostory ^O^

Guuuuuuuuuys! :D

I picked up my SSS from the post office yesterday! *O* (I actually wanted to post it yesterday already and even began the post but then didn't have enought time to finish it ;_;)
So there is a little funny story because I got a delivery notice in my mail box two days ago as I wasn't home when the package arrived so I had to pick it up at the post office. Only that the mailing service was not German post, but another one I've never had before. So I took the bus to a part of town I rarely visit and first I didn't find the pick-up station, and after running around for half an hour searching and almost starting to panick, it turned out it was integrated into a tiny Turkish food store hahaha :D I was so surprised, but so happy I was able to find it in the end :D When I took it home, the suspense was KILLING me!

But here it is! :)

My gifter attached this cool 20th anniversary picture on the box which I think I have to cut out and keep because it is so cool!

Also, there was a cute little Natu doodle on the side of the box *O* Will definitely cut out and keep! :)

So, my package made a long way to me from England! Who could it be??? Find out under the cut!

So, as there was a Natu on the package, of course my Natu Pokedoll thought this was a sign that he should help me open the package!

NATU: ...
ME: Soo?
NATU: I think you have to help me open the package...
Me: -.-;; Okay, let's open it up!

And on top there is an envelope with neat Pidgey line stamps!
What's inside?

NATU: *O* <3333

OH. My. GOD. T___T ;w; I literally squealed when I saw this drawing!! Omg, this is sooooo cute! >w< Look at it!!! And one is sleeping, omg ;_; I can't even, it is perfect! I was seriously so happy about this personalized card since last year I only received a blank paper with a very short note written on it. However, those pesonalized greeting cards are some of my favorite things about the swap! So I can't even express how happy and touched I was by this. I will definitely hang up this card with my Natu collection! The little Pikachu tape around the drawing is also adorable as can be.

But now let's open up the card and see who my gifter was, shall we? :)

So my gifter was none other than the absolute wonderful umbreyena!!

Here is what they wrote:
"Dear j_ule,
Happy Secret Spring Swap 2016! I was so excited as I found out you were my partner, as I bought that DX Umbreon from you last year and you had such beautiful handwriting!! I hope you like what I have bought you. I work long hours as an engineer so I like to try to be more creative when I get home. I have included some notes to read once you've opened everything. I had a fun challenge putting your gift together, your website helped me a lot, and it was really impressive - I have to do something like that, and post to the community more! Really hope you enjoy. Best wishes, umbreyena (Dani) =)"

Omg, this is sooooo AWESOME! :) To be honest, when I saw your address I thought, wait... I know this address from somewhere! Then remembered you and that I sold you my Umbreon! :D It is so cool that I got someone I have talked to before, I love whenever that happens! And wow, you're en engineer that is so impressive! And thanks so much for oyur lovely and kind words concerning my collection site <3

Umbreyena also included some notes concerning the gifts, which are not pictured here, but I will address them as we go along opening up the presents :)

Now, let's see all the other gifts :)

NATU: This one first!

Two bags of delicious sweets! >O<
ME: NOOOOOOO ;__; they are all mine!

AND THEY ARE EVEN VEGAN!!! Wow, seriously, umbreyena, that is so awesome of you! I wrote in my survey that I would only like to get vegan sweets, and I am so baffled that someone who is not vegan themselves has really taken the effort to pick out some for me that I can eat too ;w; This is so incredibly nice and considerate of you, I was absolutely taken away by this kind and sweet (literally!) gesture. Thank you so so much <3
They are even British sweets omg. I love tasting sweets from other countries. I was in England once, but only shortly. I spent more time in Scotland because I made a trip there with my school class for graduation. Even though I have studied English literature at university as a Bachelor's degree I sadly didn't get the chance to study abroad. You mentioned that the sweets remind you of summer in your notes, and they certainly taste like summer! My boyfriend and I completely annihilated that whole bag of delicious pudding sweets yesterday and they were soooo delicious! Even though they were hard candies, they tasted really creamy for some reason, and Idk how they did it because there was basically no milk or whatever in them! I suppose it's the caramel.
~ I have a lot to say about candies ~ xD

Okay, so let's move on, shall we? :)

There is another very flat bag in the package - What could this be?
Natu, how about you have a look?

ME: Can you see something?
NATU: It's very yellow in here!
ME: Well, this is the PC bag lol.
NATU: But I can also see something blue!

It's a garland/festoon (is this the right word?) made out of adorable fabric with normal and shiny Charizards on it, omg! *w* I also squealed a bit when I saw this haha :'D So this is what you meant when you said you tried to be more creative at home, umbreyena! This is such a sweet little custom, thank you so much :)
I love decorating my collection as this gives it a special and more individual touch, and this will definitely be put up somewhere on or next to my collection shelves :) I only didn't find the time to do it yesterday, but I'll definitely take photos of it once I put it up and show you :)

A closeup of the fabric:

So cute <3

Okay, so there was one last PC bag in the package! A pretty big one.

NATU: ! :O Who are you?
CHARIZARD: ?? Where am I?

Omg, it's a TOUGHY-ZARD! *O* <333 The new 2015 Pokemon Center Charizard plush! I call him toughy-Zard because he looks so tough haha :D
So now, there is a story behind it, umbreyena. I had this Charizad on my wants list but couldn't hold myself back and bought it for myself. However, I am ABSOLUTELY fine with receiving a double there. I've always wanted a double of a Charizard plush since I could have one for display and one for cuddles! I have no cuddle-Zards since the Charizard plush are usually all pretty rare, so I wanna keep them in mint condition, so this is just fine :) Actually I haven't received the Charizad I got even though it's been almost 6 weeks now and I am afraid that he might have gotten lost :( So I am so happy I have this Charizard now! I'll see if the other one still arrives, so that he will have a friend!

Umbreyena also shared a story concerning this Charizard in her notes. So she told me that she got that Charizard herself as a representation of her first Pokemon. However, when she transferred it to her second-gen game she found out that her Charizard was a girl. However, as she had the impression that this particular Charizard was a boy, she thought it would find a better home in my collection, as I have a girl Charizard. And indeed, I have! :) She is called Ruby and is the 2013 Tomy Charizard with the heart-ribbon and orange knit-hat :)

Umbreyena, you also wrote that you hope this Charizard is polite to my other Zards, so let's see how they get along! :D

You can see, little Paki Paki Zard is already very enthusiastic xD
Amiibo Charizard... not so much. Duh, Amiibo-Zard, he is only so yellow because of the lighting there -,- (though I admit, this Charizard is of a slightly lighter orange color than the other ones). Charizards can come in all shapes, colors, and sizes, Amiibo-Zard! Just look at Paki Paki Charizard with his flying teeth, you accepted him into your group too, didn't you? Oh well, right, he had been there before you... see, you're not the boss here!

But as you can see, they get along perfectly :) (and Amiibo-Zard is slowly getting used to the new situation)

So, I did a little re-organizing for my little Charizad shelf, and now it looks like this :)

I also gave Toughy-Zard a red ribbon, so now, he looks like a real gentleman :D Now, he turned from Toughy-Zard to Gentle-Zard :D
Charizard: But I'm still tough!
Me: Okay, yes, you are still pretty tough ^^;


Thank you so, so much, umbreyena, for this thoughtful and awesome gift! <3 You gave me a wonderful sss experience :)

A few words still: Concerning your Natu drawing, don't worry at all, I absolutely love it! I love all kinds of thoughtful and personal drawings like this. I mainly just wrote in my journal that I would not like to receive custom drawings because I don't really mainly collect flats and so whenever I get a piece of art, I look out for especially skilled artists whose style I really like, and since I can't see the art of my sss partner of course, I normally try to avoid it since I like to have controll over it and also only very rarely get Pokemon art. However, I absolutely love any kind of personal drawings like these on the side or as a greeting card, and yours turned out absolutely wonderful! It wouldn't have been the same without this precious drawing, so please don't worry at all, I absolutely love it and as I said, will definitely add to my Natu collection :)

Thanks all for looking and reading :)

This year's Secret Spring Swap was so much fun, and I am already looking forward to next year's! ^O^/

On another note: I sent out my sss gift over a week ago, and I am worried when it will arrive sine I haven't gotten a notice from my giftee yet! If my giftee sees this and has already received their gift, please let me know :)
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