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My SSS gift arrived!!!

So today is the day I have been waiting for! After checking the porch as I drove up every day after school hoing for a mystery package to be waiting for me, and getting faked out a few times (apaprently I have a terrible memory for what I order), there was finally something I knew had to be my SSS, becuase it was from the exotic land of.. *gasp* CANADA! At least I knew for certain I hadnt bought anything from there in a while, so I immedaitely ran to my room to grab Sparkle, my Shiny Sylveon, so we could open it together!

Ahh we see some cute pink ears! Oh who could they belong too? Haha as a begining Sylveon collector, I think I have a hunch...

Ahh its the Sylveon MPC! Oh boy were Sparkle and I excited! Of course once I decided to collect Sylveon, the MPC was already quite hard to track down, so it was one of the first things I put on my wants list! She is so precius and that smile is too cute! Sparkle can't wait to play with her XP
And behing the MPC, we found...

SOCKS! Another thing from my wants list!!! I love wearing pokethings, and I spend a lot of my time in the house just weating funky socks, so these are so perfect! Also, they match the colors of my sneakers almost sockingly perfectly! So yeah, i can't wait to wear them everywhere! The washer will hear my fury if it decides to eat them, rawr!
Oh! what is wrong, Sparkle? I think she smells something deep in the package...
Ah Ha!

OMG so cute! Home made Pikachu chololates?! Ahh this just keeps getting better! Mmm, this was the perfect day for this to arrive! Already had some major choloate cravings and all the easter candy was finally gone! Yumm! These pikas are so tasty! And who did such an amazing job? Well lets take a look a thte card and find out!

Oooh what a cute Sylveon!!!! Totally keeping this forever <3

So these tasty treats and amazing gifts were from none other than psychmoonshadow ! Wow, you did such an awesome job, I just love everything! This was such an exciting first SSS for me! I'm so glad you were my SSS partner :D

So here is the final shot of everything. And yes, I already ate one of the two Pika's ears. I was to excited to wait to try them before taking this pic, hahaha! And it was worth it, lol, so yummy! Well, I hope you enjoyed my post! Thanks, psychmoonshadow!!!!!!

Also, if anyone has twitter, I'd love to follow/connect with some more community members! I am @pokegirlie (I wasnt thinking and didnt make it the same as my LJ username...) and I definitely post gets and stuff there more often :)
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