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New Merch Question?? And HUGE Collection Update!!

Hello everyone! I had a question I really want more info on.. on the Pokeshopper Twitter I saw them post this on some upcoming plushies that are coming up:

Here are the pics too if you dont wanna click:

I clicked the link Pokeshopper provided in the tweet but I didnt see these guys anywhere on it! Just some other "coming soon" merch.. does anyone else have any more info on them? Are they on pre-order? If so I wanna snag the Charizard asap haha!

OK NOW!! Onto my collection update!

The largest item I got was a new Play by Play Zard in the medium size! I altered him to turn into a bookbag

I also got this poseable Charizard at a furry convention! I see these on Ebay all the time and got him for a great deal

Next is the small UFO Charizard plush! This is my second favorite plush I have right now it has so much charm!

I got this smaller keychain Zard too!

Now for the figures!! This is a poseable vinyl figure that is my third largest figure!

THIS figure is one I wanted for a while! It comes in a box of cards but I only wanted the figure.. so I hunted it down on Ebay! I loovee all the detail in the flames <33

A Banpresto keychain! I wanna use it but I keep him on my shelf to avoid damage

I also got this other keychain from another seller.. it smells kind of odd like burnt plastic but he looks just fine!

A Clear Charizard kid!! I found this at a furry convention as well at the same stand I got the poseable plush :>

A Japanese lottery Zard!! I have been hunting for one of these for FOREVER and finally got one!! I love it to bits

Here is a lot of figures I got at Walmart.. first time Iv ever gotten a Zard from a physical store actually! I just need the other mega evo and that line is complete!

Annnndd last but not least a Charizard card tin!!

Thats all of my updated items!! My shelves are getting quite full, especially my plushies haha!

I hope you all have a radical day!! Again if anyone has any info on those tsum tsums let me know!! <33


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