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Risha Moon

SSS Excitement, TCG Card List, TCGO Codes, Z-doggy Wants!

Hi, Everyone! ^^

My SSS gift arrived on Monday and I was SO EXCITED!!!! I didn't have time to make a post until now but I did take photos so now I get to share. :D

Adorable Eeveelution Stickers!

Hey! These aren't Pokemon! lol. I like Digimon too and Matt + the Garurumon line are my faves. XD!


Postcard with note from my SSS gifter lordboop Thank you for all the amazing stuff! :D

And that's it for my SSS sharing. :D This is always so much fun and I can't wait for next year's exchange. ^^


For the first time in YEARS, I sat down and sorted through ALL my English TCG card duplicates and made a list. Then I sold most of the un/commons as bulk to cover my Fates Collide booster box. ^^; So then I updated the list! Which you can find here - Link I still need to add promos and deck cards. And I'm still working on sorting and listing non-English cards. If you're interested in any of the cards on the list, please let me know. ^^ I'm willing to trade or sell. My wants lists can be found by browsing my LJ user page. I'm mostly interested in any Houndoom/Houndour (I have all the English ones so it'd have to be in another language), Eeveelution, Mew, Growlithe/Arcanine, Vulpix/Ninetales, Meowth/Persian, Gastly/Haunter/Gengar, or any other canine, feline, rodent (especially squirrel), ghost, or bird Pokemon cards I'm missing.

I've been kind of holding off on trading for Generations cards, but I'm kinda of thinking I'd like to get the Eeveelutions I'm missing - Vaporeon, Leafeon, and Jolteon.


Anyone like TCGO codes? I have 85 for sale! SOLD!


I'm looking for anything with Zygarde 10%. I just recently started this collection and it's quickly becoming one of my faves. Right now, I only have one figure and another figure claimed in a GB...and I have the Japanese XY10 card on it's way to me.

I'm also looking for any Houndoom or Houndour items I don't already have. ^^

Thanks for reading!

~ Risha
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