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WTB: World Championship Mew & Mewtwo cards, specific Mewtwo cards

I haven't posted a collection update in a while, and now I'm holding off on posting pictures simply because I'm waiting for bits and pieces to arrive in the mail, but I'm getting pretty close to finishing my Mewtwo card collection - every version of every card with Mewtwo on it, in both English and Japanese, 1st edition and Unlimited, all in Mint condition.  Not counting what's in the mail, I'm at a total of 114 cards so far, just for Mewtwo!  (I'm only at 62 for Mew, but Mew isn't featured as often...)  Adding on what's on its way to me, I'll be at 124 (with 65 for Mew) out of 144.  I'm technically only missing 20 cards (as far as I'm aware), and the only ones I know for certain I'm not going to be able to get (barring a probably expensive miracle, of course) are the Number 1, 2, and 3 Trainer prize cards, and (naturally, given that I've only ever seen one person with it) the Funskool Base Set Mewtwo.  I only recently realized that several of those missing 20 cards were obvious, though:  World Championship cards.  Hence why I'm here now!  Because I'd REALLY rather not have to splurge on each individual deck just to pull a single card from them.  XD

Here's what I'm looking for:

Mew 88/92 from Tom Roos' 2007 Legendary Ascent deck
Mew 101/101 from Dylan Lefavour's 2008 Empotech deck
Mewtwo 54/99 from Igor Costa's 2012 Pesadelo Prism deck
Mewtwo 54/99 from Shuto Itagaki's 2012 Terraki-Mewtwo deck
Mewtwo 54/99 from Zachary Bokhari's 2012 CMT deck
Mew 46/124 from Trent Orndorff's 2014 Trevgor deck
Mewtwo 54/99 from Jacob Van Wagner's 2015 Honorstoise deck

I may also need these also, depending on the condition of the ones I'm waiting to arrive in the mail:

Fieldworker 73/92 from Jun Hasebe's 2007 Flyvees deck
Mewtwo 9/100 from David Cohen's 2009 Stallgon deck
Mewtwo 144/146 from David Cohen's 2009 Stallgon deck
Mewtwo 54/99 from Chase Moloney's 2012 Eeltwo deck
Mew 46/124 from Ian Whiton's 2013 American Gothic deck

The rest of the cards I either don't have yet or need to replace are below.  As I'm more concerned with completing the Mewtwo collection as of right now, I'll start with that and focus on the Mew cards later.  For the Mewtwos I don't have, which I'm listing first, a couple are due to the fact that I'm not actually sure if they even exist or not, due to having never seen them (I'll mark those with a question mark at the end).  With others, I'm reasonably sure they exist, as I've seen other cards of the same expansions as both 1st Edition and Unlimited releases.

Mewtwo 12/113, reverse holo (with expansion logo)
Non 1st Edition Mewtwo 086/128
Non 1st Edition Mewtwo 118/128
1st Edition DP5 Mewtwo, from the Regigigas half deck
Non 1st Edition Mewtwo 019/086
1st Edition Mewtwo 001/016, from the Mewtwo VS Genesect deck (?) - doubt this one exists
1st Edition Mewtwo 006/012, from the Mewtwo LV. X deck (?) - again, doubt this one exists
1st Edition Mewtwo 014/046, from the Master Build Deck Box (?) - once again, doubt it exists
Non 1st Edition Mewtwo 045/093
Non 1st Edition Mewtwo 028/052
Non 1st Edition Mewtwo 055/052
Jumbo Latios and Latias promo 002/J - ...IT HAS MEWTWO ON IT.  IT STILL COUNTS.  8|

I doubt any of the Mewtwo cards (Mewtwo Spirit Link included) from Red Flash and Blue Shock are available in anything other than 1st Edition yet, but if they are, I'm also looking for those - especially 063/059, which will supposedly be having its fantastic 'Vanising Strike' error fixed in the unlimited release.

The following are cards I already have, but which are not in good enough condition to warrant being a part of my collection.

Mewtwo Spirit Link 144/162 (centering of mine is off)
Mewtwo Spirit Link 144/162, reverse holo (mine has some visible scratches)
Glossy CoroCoro Mewtwo (centering of mine is VERY off - I'm not sure if that's avoidable or not)
Base Set Mewtwo 10/102 (centering, again, is less than ideal)
Base Set Japanese Mewtwo (centering)
Mewtwo 24/110, holo (printing line in the holofoil)
Mewtwo 9/100, reverse holo (numerous scratches)
Mewtwo 11/146, reverse holo (numerous scratches)
Mewtwo 12/113, regular holo (ding on upper edge)
Japanese Shining Mewtwo (centering on mine is off, and it has slight wear on the upper corners, particularly the left)
1st Edition Shadowless Mewtwo 10/102 (the one I bought was graded a PSA 9 and touted as Mint, but has some clear edge wear and tiny scratches here and there - I'd grade it as a 7 at best)
Unlimited Shadowless Mewtwo 10/102 (centering is off, otherwise mostly acceptable)
No-Rarity Japanese Base Set Mewtwo (centering is off, and there is a very slight ding on the bottom right corner)
Mewtwo Black Star Promo 3, Inverted WB Stamp (mine is Near-Mint, with some minor edge wear and very tiny specks of dirt.  Normally I would prefer to trade the card along with additional funds to make up for the disparity in quality, but with this one's rarity, I'd rather not put two of them through the insanity of the US mail system at the same time. o_o)

All cards must be in Mint condition (as that's a requirement I made for the collection due to apparently hating myself AND my wallet), so please have pictures ready, preferrably from several different angles.  You can suggest your own price first, or have me make an offer first; whichever you prefer.  For the last five cards I listed, due to the high (even exorbitant) cost of them and the fact that I'm an adult with bills to pay, I may need anywhere from a few days to two weeks to set aside funds.

That's about all I can think of for this post, save for the Mew cards I need, so...yeah!  Looking forward to whatever responses I get!  ^_^
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