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Pokékyun TCG gets

Hi guys! Last week, the Pokékyun TCG booster box I had ordered from Japan finally arrived :D
I had to order it twice because the first one got lost in the mail. Luckily, the seller sent me a full refund.
Today, I opened the boosters. I almost got the full set - 30 different cards out of 32. I'm so very happy with my pulls *.* What are your favorite cards of the set?

Here are the commons, uncommons and rares:
As you can see, I pulled all of those regular cards. ^^ My favorites here are the ones that show electric rodents, the Charmander line and Yveltal.

 These are the Ex cards I pulled:
P1230223 a.jpg
 ALL THE EEVEELUTIONS. Yay! I can't even believe my luck :3
I kept my fingers crossed that I would maybe get one or two Eeveelutions. But all of them is like... complete madness. They're so cute. My favorite out of them is the fullart Sylveon.
And I even pulled the Pikachu card. They're so incredibly cute. That's my favorite card from the set!

My boyfriend helped me open the package (ok maybe the better term would be that I allowed him to do so XD). During that process, he handed me the "normal" cards and the doubles and put the Ex cards and Charizard away without me looking at them. At the end, he put those in a booster wrapper and told me that I had one last very cool booster left XD That was so much fun ^^

I also think it's funny that both Guardevoirs weren't included, but all Eeveelutions. Good for me, because I prefer the foxes. Though I also would have loved the shiny Guardevoir card. ^^

Anyways, I pulled LOTS of doubles (no Ex doubles, though ^^), so prepare for a sales post in a few days :)
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