momiji95 (momiji95) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Latest gets!

So this week, I received a couple of plushies!

Some Pokédolls, some not- nonetheless I'm happy with each and every one of them :D
So, for my Pokédolls collection: Blitzle, Blastoise (which will go with my Charizard), Amaura & Tyrunt, Vanillite (which is the cutest thing ever), Greninja & Chesnaught (still waiting for Delphox to arrive).
For my Pokémon Petit collection: Millotic (it was hard to get, but I'm quite happy, it's so cute!)
For my secret base collection: Totodile (only Cyndaquill, Chikorita & Swablu left to get!)
For my Pikachu poncho collection: Pikarp (it'll go splendidly with my Pikyarados)
And last but not least; Gogoat! I really thought it'd be much bigger. But well, it's adorable!

So now my shelves are a little bit more crowded:

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