captainangel (captainangel) wrote in pkmncollectors,

SSS! c:

Finally got round to making it to the post office to pick this bad boy up!
Lets take a look *w*


First of all - check this freaking adorable writing and decoration! ;A; I knew at first glance this had to be my SSS ;D

And a super lovely message from peppermmints ;A; ! <3

ADORABLE AS HECK BATTIES, seriously you drew like all of my favourite favourite batties, not to mention the really cute little charms! <3

FWWEEE the 3 birds promos! These were on my wishlist for TCG cards, I can't believe they're still sealed too! I don't think I can bring myself to open them and add them to my binder collection, I'm defo keeping them sealed :'D So happy with these!

PACKS OF CARRRDS O/ I love opening boosters - Pulled a Palkia EX too! I was panicing cause I didn't pull anything good in the first booster but this really made it perfect *A* I need him too!

And finally, probably my favourite thing - Noivern Clearfile! :'D I have the Noibat one so now I have the pair! I always kept missing out on this guy, so pleased!! I can't quite get to my collection case at the moment so couldn't take a photo of it in it's new home, but rest assured it's going to look aces <3

Thank you so much ^w^ peppermmints I loved everything, you got me spot on for what I wanted!
This was my first SSS and it won't be the last :3

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