Chrissy 'Fluffbutt' (tyltalis) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Chrissy 'Fluffbutt'

Spring Secret Swap!

My secret swap package arrived a few days ago but I've been a little too busy to post till now! My wonderful swappee Kana outdid herself, there was so many cute and fluffy things inside.

First up this absolutely adorable hand drawn card featuring all my favorites birbs! <3 And on the inside...

I collect a few obscure pokemon so I'm sure finding something of each was a daunting task but she managed to do it! (Also those little flower stickers inside the card are realy adorable)

Holy fluff look at all this! The custom Swablu is seriously the cutest thing ever! The beadsprites were really well made, I actually don't have any of the Altaria line so they will definitely go up on a corkboard in the near future. Also the trozei stickers of everyone! Plus that Luxio! That's a Luxio I don't have and I'm so very tempted to take him out of the packaging just to pose him.

The Pokemikke pad is really cute too! I'm actually using it at work at the moment and I've already got smiles out of people when I hand them notes with Pikachu on them. c: Here are some more pictures of everything:

(sorry for the messy desk, this was while I was working and had to take a break to open the package!)

Thank you so much kanamai for the amazing Spring Secret Swap gift! You really outdid yourself. Also I loved all the munchies you put in. I've never had the Hi-Chews but you have me HOOKED! I ended up eating half of them in one sitting, the texture is so weird but awesome at the same time.

Thank you again for such a wonderful and thoughtful gift!

Tags: altaria, dialga, fletchling, luxio, spring secret swap, swablu
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