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Custom Noivern Plush Auction+ Lots of new sales~

Yes, after a lot of thinking, I have decided to auction my one of a kind Noivern plush. Details under the cut~

The Details:
I take paypal and can take up to a week before shipping out plush. Prices do not include shipping.

-I ship from North Carolina, USA and I will ship worldwide. Buyer is responsible for getting a shipping quote if out of the USA. If within the USA, i require your item to be insured. I will provide the winner with proof of shipment. After it leaves my hands,the item is out of my control. If you are international and decide to forego insurance, you do so at your own risk.

I got my sales permission from entirelycliched August 2013


Price: Bidding starts at $250.

Time: Bidding will end Sunday April 17, 2016 at 11:59 pm EST
To avoid sniping, any bids made in the last minute of the auction will extend the auction anouther five minutes and will continue until five minutes have gone on without a bid.

Countdown Timer:

Item Description:
This plush was made for me by d215lab in 2013 and is one of a kind. It is still in new condition; it has only ever been displayed. The wings are wired. The plush features machine embroidered eyes. It is made of short knap minky and faux fur. Approx 10" tall, about the size of a large pokedoll (Like Reshiram for example)

Original Artist Photo:

My photos (taken today):

If you have any questions, please feel free to Ask! Thank you!

Also, lots of new items have been added for sale! Click to image below to be transported~
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