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Recent Gets

I realized I never posted about a few items I recently got so I wanted to make a quick post about them. XD I got really lucky and found two items that I've really wanted for a while, so I decided it was worth posting about my recent gets. <3

These two handkerchiefs! They're from Banpresto back around 97-98. I'm still debating the red one, but I love the blue and yellow one so much! <3

Bonsly Pokedoll cushion! He's still in the plastic because I'm in the process of moving and have to pack him up really soon anyway. ^^; But I was really happy because I found him for a nice price!

Bonsly also popped up on this pokedoll mat I found! At least I think it's some sort of table mat? I dunno. It features some pokedoll artwork I don't usually see, like the Regis and Combusken~

Some other misc. Pokedoll goodies! The little Pikachu on the right is a little stamp. Super cute!!

Pokedoll sticker sheet. I've been on a roll with Pokedoll stickers lately :3

One of my favorite things that I found; Pikachu plushplush pouch! Somebody had posted about this a few months ago and I've wanted one ever since (I knew a Bulbasaur and Clefairy versions existed previously). I actually found this while looking for a different plush!

..And the biggest get of the package; Peninsula Pikachu! I found him totally by accident (actually while searching for the Visa Pikachu)! He was given as part of a special package for the Peninsula Hotel in Tokyo. I didn't think I would ever find this plush, but I got super lucky and nobody bid against me!

I also got this Pikachu! I have an extra that I'm selling for $40 shipped within the US as well. :)

(Sales permission granted on March 2nd, 2012 by entirelycliched. Feedback can be seen here.)

Also just for fun, here's a commission I finished recently. :) More info about my customs can be found on my Facebook page, but I'm not actively taking commissions until May.

Thanks for reading! <3 
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