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Plush & figure sales - and a Bell plush question!

Yo yo, I'm back with some more collection weeding! ; v ; That being said, on top of everything that's for sale here, I'm considering selling my Eevee and Flareon suzunari/bell plush; is there still a market for those? I'd like to know if it would be best to auction them off or just do a straight sale!

A little preview for some of the things you can find under the cut:

Rules etc important stuff - Please read these first!

- Sales permission granted by denkimouse somewhere in 2008-2009
- For Pkmncollectors members only, obviously!
- I can only accept Paypal instant payments for now - no eChecks whatsoever. If you have a Finnish bank account, bank transfer is cool too.
- No holds for now, sorry!
- I ship from Finland, so the if the Zukan set you buy is bigger than 2cm (most of them are), the shipping cost to the US is at least 11€ by default (slightly cheaper to most EU countries I believe). But yeah, this is something to keep in mind especially if you wish to buy the cheaper sets.
- Please specify whether you're committed to the purchase or not! If you're only asking about the price and someone else comes after you and commits right away, they will get the item.
- A little bit of haggling never hurt anyone! c': Especially if you buy several Zukan sets!
- I'm probably forgetting a lot of stuff - ask me anything and I'll do my best to answer!

Tomy Shiny Oshawott plush! Very good condition!
$320 OBO
Seriously, I have no idea how much this is worth these days so feel free to offer! Maybe show me links to recent sales/auctions so I can get the right idea?

1. Flareon (Pokemon Center) SOLD
2. Vaporeon (MPC keychain) SOLD
3. Eevee (Banpresto "Kawaii" plush) $35 OBO
4. Leafeon (Pokemon Time keychain plush) SOLD
5. Glaceon (Tomy "Relax" plush) $50 OBO
6. Glaceon (Banpresto) $40 OBO
7. Glaceon (Tomy) $22
8. Eevee (Pokemon Center lifesize plush) SOLD
9. Espeon (Banpresto Halloween plush) SOLD
10. Eevee (Pokemon Center Canvas plush) $50 OBO
11. Leafeon (Banpresto) SOLD

Misc plushies!
- Espurr (Pokemon Center "Pokepuff" plush) SOLD
- Meowstic (Pokedolls, male and female) SOLD
- Oshawott (Tomy "talking" plush; doesn't work) SOLD
- Flygon ("bootleg Hasbro") $13 (only asking what I paid for him)
- Mudkip (Tomy) SOLD
- Purrloin (Tomy) SOLD
- Weavile (Tomy?) $35 OBO
- Dewott (MPC keychain) $10
- Salamence (Banpresto) SOLD

More misc. plushies!
- Bunnelby (Tomy) SOLD
- Minccino (Tomy) SOLD
- Oshawott (Pokemon Center Christmas plush) SOLD
- Raichu (Pokemon Time) SOLD
- Weavile (Pokedoll) $35 OBO
- Snivy (Tomy keychain) SOLD
- Pansear & Panpour (Pokemon Center) SOLD
- Oshawott (Jakks) SOLD
- Cubone (Pokeball plush) $15
- Scraggy (MPC keychain) SOLD

Large Tomy figures! (so sorry for the phone quality photo)
- Absol SOLD
- Groudon & Kyogre $12 each
All of them have small wear but are in good condition overall!

So many Zukan!
- Weedle/Kakuna/Beedrill set: $20
- New Eeveelution set (with the green base, Eevee + all eight Eeveelutions): sold
- Misdreavus/Mismagius set: sold
- Mareep/Flaaffy/Ampharos set (has a scratch on the base): sold
- Bagon/Salamence/Salamence set (has some translucent glue on the base): $50
- Ralts/Kirlia/Gardevoir set w/base: $50
- Swablu/Altaria set: $30
- Dratini/Dragonair/Dragonite set: $60
- Rattata/Raticate set: sold
- Cyndaquil/Quilava/Typhlosion set: $30
- Ekans/Arbok set: sold
- Pansage/Simisage set: sold
- Feebas/Milotic set: sold
- Nidoran F/Nidorina/Nidoqueen set: sold

Even more Zukan!! (so sorry for the phone quality photo, again...)
- Wailmer (EU version; has a paint splotch on his chin) $12
- Ursaring line (no pegs) sold
- Alakazam line (EU version; no pegs/no original base) sold
- Lucario (EU version I think; no peg) $8
- Celebi $15
- Castform set (EU version; no original base) sold
- Venomoth line (no original base/no pegs) sold
- Hariyama line (EU version) $15 each
- Banette line (EU version) sold
- Roserade line (EU version; no original base) $12

Not pictured - if you're interested in any of these, please let me know! Pics will be provided.
- Old Jolteon piece: $35
- Old Flareon piece: $30
- Aipom: $8
- Girafarig with damaged peg: $13
- Meowth/Persian set w/o base: $30

Salamence set - $55 (nothing will be sold separately, please don't ask)

Metagross set - $35 (nothing will be sold separately, please don't ask)

Typhlosion set - $18 (nothing will be sold separately, please don't ask)

Fennekin set - $18 (nothing will be sold separately, please don't ask)

Custom Fennekin figure - $12
I purchased her from an artist at a Finnish anime convention years ago! So I have no idea who the artist is. :'0

Ampharos set - $35 (nothing will be sold separately, please don't ask)

Delcatty set - SOLD

Milotic set - $40 (nothing will be sold separately, please don't ask)

Oshawott(/Dewott) set - $24 (nothing will be sold separately, please don't ask)

Gardevoir set - $30 (nothing will be sold separately, please don't ask)

Nidoking set + bootleg Nidorino freebie - $35 (nothing will be sold separately, please don't ask)

Nidoqueen set (this bank is included in the set too, but I recently noticed that one of the Nidoran F marbles is missing, so there'll be only one of those) + bootleg Nidoqueen freebie - $40 (nothing will be sold separately, please don't ask)

Thanks for looking!
Tags: absol, bell plush, eevee, flareon, oshawott, zukan
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