mmajdy (mmajdy) wrote in pkmncollectors,

3rd Gen hand made , and voting for Gen 4

Hi to all

just wanted to share with you these new addition to my pokemon team

later i will try to remake a Gardevoir this one was just as traning to do it .. as creating the dress by clay is very hard .. but i did discoverd the way and will be done soon

and by the way this meta is big not small ... once it colored i will capture a photo comparing to the Tomy figure :)

the next gen 4 will include these pokemon that marked by red cycle .. i do not do legendry pokemon for now or the eevees evo because these will consume too much clay and time ... and perfection (the eevee side )

But thought this time to let you all particepate with me for fun .
how about you guys vote for 1 additional pokemon to create from the list below .. and i will try to do it ..

hope to see your votes and your comments on my work

have a nice day all :)
Tags: aggron, blaziken, combusken, gardevoir, hariyama, pokemon, torchic
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