peppermmints (peppermmints) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Help me find some ghosts!

Evening lovelies, hope you're all ok :)

I'm looking to fill in a few gaps in my ghost type collections, and as usual, I'm looking to you for some help! Realistically I can't purchase everything on this list all at once, but show me what you've got! :D

First up are the Gengars. Mostly, I'm looking for the newest big Tomy plush. I had one in my hands at Toys R us and it was the last one. But there was a kid that really wanted I let him take it, and I've never seen one since!

Other Gengars I'm after include:

Banpresto and Halloween plush

Pokemon Centre plush:

I'd like the PC plush to have its hang tag, but I'm not bothered about the other plush.

Next up, I'd like a Tomy Moncolle chandellure, preferably without packaging:

And finally, the Pumpkaboos!

I'm utterly desperate for both of these things. I just can't find them!

First, the PC plush,

And secondly, this elusive can badge!

I'm looking today to spend a total of $30-35 max including shipping to the UK, sadly I can't justify any more until payday! The exception being if you magically happen to be selling pretty much this whole list and would be willing to sort a payment plan.

Thanks so much for reading!
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