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Rachel the Team Magma Grunt

A Special Custom Collection Update... and My Last Plush </3

Hi guys!
Yesterday was little bitter sweet for me- my last Pokemon plush that I plan to purchase has arrived. She was originally supposed to come in Feb, but I guess there were some issues on the seller's end? She's here now at least.

An I <3 Mew laying plush! I gotta say, it's not quite what I expected. I was imagining something like the I <3 Eevee laying plush, but Mew is much smaller with non-fluffy fabric. I'm not upset, but it did come as quite a shock lol

A little while ago, vulpes_canis also completed my order of plush! If I do get plush again in the future, they will probably be from vulpes. These guys are the perfect size for me!
Here are all of them together:

Aren't they all cute? Phantump, Skiddo, and Houndoom were all from past orders. Litleo was from a little random plush competition I participated in!
My current order included Grovyle, shiny Celebi, Masquerain, Meganium, Charizard, and Bayleef.
Grovyle and shiny Celebi were commissioned due to my love for Explorer's of Sky. They were my favorite characters in that game and I wanted to have two little plush to represent that c:
Masquerain and Bayleef were commissioned to add to my collection of each- they're two of my favorite Pokemon!
Meganium and Charizard represent Serene and Kai, my team for the newest Mystery Dungeon game.

Sales (more has been added): http://latias-latios-7.livejournal.com/3639.html

Edit: One more thing!
Would anyone like to participate in a gift exchange with me?
Closed, thanks~
Last year, I did a personalized gift exchange with three members and it turned out to be quite a success. The format would be similar to SSS, except for the random partner and comm-wide access. I would be looking for only a few people to participate with, but I have some extra money to blow so I figured it would be fun. Let me know if you're interested and I'll add a little survey and rules to my post :)

There seems to be some interest, so it's a go!
Here is the basic information and rules:

-I am looking for up to four partners to do this exchange with. When filling out your survey, please list how many partners you're looking to do it with, and I'll notify everyone if there are other possible matches for you all. Please understand that I am not a mod and am not running a comm-wide event, so this is limited to the people that I choose as my own partners.
-My gifts will be largely custom based, but with mixed media. Perler sprites will be included, fyi
-There is no due date for shipping, but this WILL count as a trade so both people involved should keep each other updated. As a general guideline let's try to get everything out by the end of May ^^
-Comm rules apply! This means you need at least ten positive feedback or sales permission to participate
-Minimum worth of package needs to be at least 20$, not including shipping.

If you'd like to participate, please fill out this survey:

At least five favorite Pokemon:
Favorite lines of merch (pokedolls, poketime, etc):
Are you okay with receiving sweets?
If yes, any allergies?
Favorite form of merch (flats, plush, etc):
Anything you really DON'T want to get?
Wants list (if you have one):
Other info you'd like to list:

And here is my survey (some answers are stolen from my SSS survey lol):

At least five favorite Pokemon: Latias/Latios, Sceptile, Houndoom line, Mightyena line, Espeon, Phantump, Masquerain, Celebi, and the Chikorita line.
Favorite lines of merch (pokedolls, poketime, etc): Customs above all else! But otherwise I really like the poketime line (only keychains/straps) and TCG (specifically the generation packs)
Are you okay with receiving sweets? Yes! I love dove chocolate, kitkats, pockey, gummies, etc. Gummies will probably be safest due to the heat.
If yes, any allergies? No relevant ones
Favorite form of merch (flats, plush, etc): Sculptures and custom flats. With flats, I like prints, keychains, charms, and anything along those lines.
Anything you really DON'T want to get? No perler sprites or plush please. I'm also iffy on official figures. The only kind of plush I'd be interested are super super tiny custom ones c:
Wants list (if you have one): NA
Other info you'd like to list:</b> I really like figure/rubber straps and blind boxes, like the eeveelution poketime straps as far as official items go. I'm a big fan of Pokebox (especially those coins *w*), and I do enjoy opening TCG packs. With those though, the newer the series the better! I have a lot of the older packs that they currently still sell in stores. Also although I appreciate any added cards, I'd prefer if my gift wasn't TCG oriented :)
I don't like doubles, so these are my (not updated) collections. http://latias-latios-7.livejournal.com/10780.html . Also, I collect May and N, along with my X and Y OC's http://latias-latios-7.livejournal.com/5351.html , and my trainer OC http://latias-latios-7.livejournal.com/2852.html .
Here are some of my favorite pairings that I wouldn't mind merch of ;) -
May/Drew (romantic), Touko/N (romantic), trainer OC/N (friends), Cynthia/Steven (romantic)
Mightyena/Eevee (big brother kinda thing), Mightyena/Espeon (friends), Shiny Celebi/Grovyle (friends)

Thanks for viewing c:




latias x purrloin
latias x j_ule
latias x ice
latias x vulpes
latias x pepper

purrloin x j_ule
purrloin x latias
purrloin x faleepai
purrloin x ice

j_ule x latias
j_ule x purrloin

ice x purrloin
ice x latias

faleepai x purrloin
faleepai x vulpes

pepper x latias
pepper x pika

vulpes x faleepai
vulpes x latias

pika x pepper

Let me know if I missed anyone!

For people with multiple partners- be aware that each gift needs to be worth at least 20$. You can take as many people as you'd like who commented but my advice is to plan what you would get them before taking on more, so you can keep an eye on finances :)
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