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So many cards - cards for daaays ~ Generations,Break Point,Break Through,Ancient Origins,etc

I've been on a major card buying spree ;3; my wallet cries but my gambling side rejoices.
I also just got my 10 choco eggs I preordered from ami ami,I wasn't expecting them at all since the tracking still said it had just gotten to customs.
I haven't really been adding to my collection too much because I keep splurging on cards and tsum tsums >_>;.

I got 6 out of the 9 I wanted so I'm really tempted to buy another set of ten hoping to get Mew,Zygarde 10 percent,and Greninja XD.

I used targets buy 2 get 1 free deal to get two charizard boxes(one for my friend),Super mystery dungeon,Tyrantrum box,Celebi box,and the blister pack that has the three pins because I was missing the Charizard Y pin.While I was there I found the happy eevee tomy and a kuttari Pikachu <3.
I had three other promo packs I had already opened before the sale started but oh well.

I've been badgering the two Targets in my surrounding areas wondering when they were going to get the Jirachi box since toysrus had it the first day it came out I would have bought it from them but 18$ compared to 13$ plus my discount >_>,they never appeared or sold really quickly but on my way through victorville I found one at the super target and this deck box that came with a previous released pin and some packs.
I also splurged on the Mega gyrados box uwu but I didn't really get anything good other then a Ho oh Ex I forgot to include >_>.

*I Ship from California
*I have cats,they don't have access to my stuff but cat hair has a habit of getting everywhere so be warned I do clean stuff off before I send it but if you are allergic beware.

*I ship INT but be warned shipping starts at 7.00 unless it can be mailed in a letter.
*I accept Paypal only,I do take echecks but I will not ship until they go through.
*Regular Sales -
Ignore the cards listed in there they are more updated here
~Sales Permission Received from lineaalba August 31st 2010~

Pokemon Furuta Choco Extras
Sylveon and Latios - 10.00
Gengar - 8.00
Diglett - 5.00
*Syveon and Latios are actually mine I just put them there to show what they look like since I left the extras in the capsule.
*I can include the boxes if you want them :).

See any cards you want but don't want to buy I trade too :) I have an extensive list so just point me to your cards and I'll tell you what I want.

All pokemon holos 2.00 unless stated otherwise
Trainer and energy Holos 1.00
* Gardevoir EX is 3.00
*Blastoise ex is 10.00 because I want to trade him for Charizard ex :).

SOLD:Garchomp,Raikou, and Golem

Rares 75 cents each

Uncommons 50 cents each

Commons 25 cents each
Energy cards 10 cents each ;X;

Free if you want them

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