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Amazing Custom Get and Candy Flute Review!

So I'm sure a few of you have seen lureche's post about all the Ekans and Nido stuff I've been sending her. Now it's my turn to show off the amazing custom I got in return for everything. (Warning: photo heavy!)

First, a story. When I was young and Pokemon Advanced was in full swing with all the merch in the shops, I had an Absol AG figure. It was my favourite Pokemon toy, and is responsible for my Absol love today! :) But sadly all my rough play took a toll on it, and the Absol ended up loosing both its horn and tail! XD My parents bought me a new Absol, but to this day I still have my poor beaten original! XD And then Absol got a Mega Evolution! :) I thought wow wouldn't it be awesome to turn poor beat-up Absol into a Mega Absol. I planned to do it myself, but then I saw all of lureche's amazing custom sculptures, and I knew that they were the one I wanted working on my Mega Absol! :) And finally after months of trades, communication, and slow shipping on my part (sorry again about that! XD), my Mega Absol is here! :D And she turned out absolutely amazing!

Isn't she beautiful! :D I literally couldn't stop taking photos of her! XD Look at the details on her wings and the paintjob on her eye and how smoothly the added parts blend with the original figure! :D Lureche did an amazing job and I'm absolutely thrilled to own this unique beauty! ^-^ It's so annoying that all the Mega Absol figures they've made so far are so tiny! XD Thanks so much again lureche Mega Absol is now the pride of my collection! ^-^

And also I haven't seen much posted about the candy flutes, so I thought I'd share some pictures of the one I bought! :) Luckily Pokevault was selling the flutes individually so I didn't have to buy a whole box to get the one I wanted! XD And my guessing for which flute Zygarde 10% would be on was right! :D So here it is! :)

There is, however, one thing I didn't quite realise about the flute when I bought it...

no title
It's big!!! Like pokedoll size big! XD I thought these were going to tiny little things, but nope. Here it is next to my Zygarde 10% plush and it's almost as tall as it is! XD Now the postage cost makes sense!
no title
But never mind! :) I'm just so relieved that I bought the correct flute in the end! XD The top and bottom of the flute can be detached and the ball can be opened. It also comes with a little packet of standard sugar sweets and a pack of the Scrap promotion stickers! Sadly I didn't pull the Articunos I was missing though! XD
I was a bit disappointed that the flute itself cannot be played! :/ It makes a whistle noise when you blow into the top of it, but the note cannot be changed and the holes on the shaft are purely ornamental. Oh well! XD Guess my neighbours have been spared from my horrendous playing! XD

So overall I would definitely recommend getting one of these flutes! :) Considering there aren't many people selling them, I reckon they'll be hard to come by further down the line. Also they have an awesome selection of Pokemon on them, like Snorlax and Munchlax (which I didn't realise before!). Hopefully the next piece of Zygarde 10% merch they make will be a bit more practical! Come on more kids figures/zukans/pokedolls! XD
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