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April 2016 Customs Post: Patch commissions and more!

Hi all! I've been super busy (and sick D:) this year, which subsequently broke my monthly commission routine. Now I'm hoping to ease back into the groove with some embroidered Shuffle patch commissions (and possibly other types of patches!)

  • Paypal only!

  • I ship from the USA

  • Please allow 3-4 weeks for custom orders to process. I usually complete orders in less time, however I prioritize my Etsy orders and delays such as emergencies and supply orders may occur.
  • Prices include fees but do not include the cost of shipping (postage + packaging materials). Shipping prices are individually listed below each item.

  • I will combine shipment with multiple items.

  • I will accept split payments for totals of $50 or more for a 50 cent convenience fee to cover extra fees. I will not begin an order until paid in full.
  • Serious buyers only. Please do not inquire if you know that you can't pay for a purchase. Shipping prices are listed below each item to help determine the total cost.

  • Anybody who commits to a purchase and backs out will be left neutral feedback and banned from my future sales and auctions.

  • I will not change an order once paid for with the exception of adding additional items, which will incur a $1 convenience fee to account for extra fees and time spent keeping the order organized.
  • All pkmncollectors community buying & selling guidelines apply.

  • I live in a smoke-free, pet friendly home (with a cat and dog, and I interact with chickens), but I keep animals separated from my items and I give plush a run-over with a lint roller.

  • Optional shipping insurance is available for USA residents starting at $2.50 and Registered Mail is available to residents outside of the USA at $14.50.

  • For security reasons, I won't send patches through letter mail. Sorry! (Paypal will get mad at me if a package gets lost and there's no tracking/shipping confirmation!)

  • Sales permission was grandfathered in at the beginning of the community.
    Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/flag/

    These are embroidered patches based on Pokemon Shuffle sprites. Measurements vary based on the general shape of the sprite, though often have a maximum dimension of 3-3.25 inches (often averaging 3 x 2.75 inches / 7.5 x 7 cm).

    They can either have an iron on adhesive backing for heat application (please note that it will not work well on synthetic materials such as fleece) or no backing for easy sewing. Although it's impossible for me to completely clip away the base fabric around the edges, I can print the patches on white (recommended for white and light colored Pokemon) or black fabric to better match what you're applying the patch to. I can make unlimited amounts of any Pokemon that has a Trozei or Shuffle sprite and can make them any color (including shinies and custom colors), though because I have to manually make vectors of each of the designs and unforeseen events may happen, processing time may take two weeks. Although I have a wide variety of thread colors, there may be some odd colors that I may not be able to perfectly match, though this typically isn't a problem.

    Shuffle Patches are $7 each.

    In addition to Shuffle sprites, I may be able to make other types of graphics into patches (such as other simple sprites, artwork you've drawn yourself or have permission to use, etc) as long as it can reasonably fit up to 3 x 3 inches (or a maximum of 4 x 4 inches at an additional cost) and a limited color pallette is used. The base price is $7; let me know what you'd like and I'll throw a price quote your way!

    Custom designs such as OCs and other artwork I'll draw myself will be $15 for the initial patch and $7 per additional copy. These designs cannot be ordered by anyone but the commissioner and the commissioner will receive a copy of the original (digital) artwork. Additionally, those who've previously ordered embroidered towels or ornaments from me may order patches of their commissioned designs for $7 each.

    Shipping for patches will be a flat rate of $3.00 to the USA, $10.00 to Canada, and $13.50 to everywhere else. (Sorry! I've previously run into trouble shipping patches via letter mail. ;_;)

    Also, I'm selling the prototypes for my Umbreon & Espeon hand towel & washcloth sets at a discounted price than what I normally sell them for:

    $13.00 each or both sets for $25.00
    Available: Umbreon, Espeon
    These are prototypes of the hand towel & washcloth sets found in my Etsy store, only discounted because they are printed on the wrong sides of the towels. They still look great, however!

    Shipping in a box for a single set will be $4.50 to the USA, $16.00 to Canada, $23.50 to everywhere else.
    Shipping in a box for both sets will be $10.50 to the USA, $16.00 to Canada, $23.50 to everywhere else.

    And as always, I have a variety of handmade goodies in the Pokemon section of my Etsy shop, including my regular run of Umbreon & Espeon towels, MissingNo. plushies, OOAK Umbreon tote bags, embroidered plushie eyes, and embroidered ornaments!

    Current Patch Orders (to be processed in order of payment received)
    linameerun - Zigzagoon
    asgalang - Pikachu & Bulbasaur
    glitterzookas - Froslass, Gardevoir, Jirachi, Mareep, Drifloon w/ feet
    holycrapitskyle - Shiny Mega Gengar
    chronidu - Aerodactyl skeleton sprite + custom colored Greninja, Swoobat, Sylveon, Hawlucha, Noivern

    starrypurrloin - 27 patch order
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