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Sales again. Prices lowered and items added

Hey again everyone! Have some extras to get rid of. Please help me out.


Feedback here please!
Sales permission from Lineaalba.

Shipping: I ship daily! All items are priced without shipping. You will be charged for shipping, paypal fees and packaging.
I am not responsible for lost or damaged packages. Please buy insurance and/or tracking if you are concerned.
I do my best to wrap them in extra bubble wrap and mark them as fragile, but things have happened! I also ship from the USA. You agree to these terms when you send payment. I keep all proof of shipping. (I no longer ship to other countries)**

Payments: I prefer Paypal, but I'll also accept concealed cash (at your OWN risk). I will take money orders, but ONLY from the post office or Wal Mart. NO BANKS! Payment is due within 24 hours of me commenting with your total. If payment is not received by then you will get a 2 hour reminder before negative is left. I hate tracking people down/waiting weeks with no communication. Please, be considerate. I want to get you your items ASAP.

Quotes: **UPDATED: If you ask for a quote  I need a response within 5 hours of me getting back to you. If no answer is given, then it will go on to the next potential buyer. Please be cosniderate of this rule. If it becomes broken often I will disconitnue holds for quotes, only commitements. Due to many issues on this, I am now doing "committed" gets the item first. I was trying to be fair and still had people upset. Quotes also slow me down in shipping and reply time. I just don't have time/energy for it anymore. So if you really want an item then say committed. HOWEVER, If you say quote and I give you a total, then someone comes by and says committed after I have already replied to you, you have 30 minutes to give me an answer. I am still trying to make this fair. If anyone complains about this you will be banned from my sales. I feel like I am very fair, but always have to argue with someone.

Arcanine_smAny questions please ask. I can combine shipping, get more pics, tell you the condition of an item, etc. All sales are final. Items are used unless otherwise stated. I will put in the description any defects if available. Commenting on my post means you agree to these rules!

That privilege has been horribly abused. Unless you ARE gonna buy, but are waiting to see if you win an auction I am holding NO HOLDS! NO EXCEPTIONS! If you cannot pay immediately, then its up for grabs!
People have gotten ridiculous with haggling, as well. Asking me to give them 3 of 5 items for free. I'm not making money off this stuff. I don't want to lose anymore either. This is just to buy more stuff or make the sting of buying lots less painful. I DO NOT PROFIT OFF SELLING! If it does not say OBO then do not haggle. I have banned people for haggling non-stop. Prooves they are not reading my rules. No trades at this time, please!
Eevee  sprite from HeartGold & SoulSilver**NEW RULE UPDATE. I am no longer shipping internationally for 3 reasons. Effective 4/1/15.
1. I have to wait in long lines(30-45 min), fill out tedious forms and wait months to see if the item arrived. USA packages I can go and do them at the kiosks 24/7. WIth my new work scheule, going to the PO in a timely matter won't be an option for international shipments. I also do not have a printer. So I can't have them picked up.
2. I do not have time to go weigh packages for quotes (a non sure thing) on items, so I have to guess the weight. If the items are properly protected, I am ALWAYS off by an ounce or two. This results in me losing $6-$12 every time. I also do not want to spend $40 on a scale that I'll hardly use.
3. The post office raised prices again. To ship a 4 ounce package I had to pay $15.75. It is not fair to my buyers. So to boycott them on this, I am ending my international services. I apologize for any inconvenience. I may have an exception to this a base shipping rate of $15 and I just refund you the difference so I am not out any money in the end....but for now I am ending this service.

UPDATED 3/13/16
Click the images for bigger photos

Mew pin card lot- $25 shipped for everything here. (USA ONLY)

NWT eevee plush-$16
All star Bulbasaur plush NWT- $23

Chespin head thick plush- $7
Glaceon nwt Banpresto tsum tsum type plush- $18
Eevee nwt easter egg keychain plush- $12

Celebi pin card lot- $12 shipped for everything here. (USA ONLY) (all holo and reverse holo)

Jirachi pin card lot- $13 shipped for everything here. (USA ONLY) (all holo and reverse holo)

Celebi pin card lot 2- $12 shipped for everything here. (USA ONLY) (all holo and reverse holo)

Daniel Rockman customs!
Glaceon thick rubber keychain- $12
Mudkip strap/jack- $5
Froakie strap/jack x2- $3 each

Click pic to enlarge
NIP Fletchling strap- $5
NIP Mega Blastoise strap- $5
NWT Blaziken vinyl figure big- $7
New Helioptile keychain- $5
Mega evolution stationary pack (pencils, ruler, eraser, etc)- $5

Front and back shown
New cup- $7

Snorlax game- $15
Voltorb mega blok- $1
NIB Pokemon shuffle stamp Squirtle- $5

Mint Kyun Pokemon Japanese cards (all holo)
Yveltal- $3
All others $1 each

All $1 each

Rare candy tin- $2
New Pikachu/Sylveon hand towel- $15

Kyogre container box (Chatot/Mime jr)- $5
Manaphy container box- $5

Ichiban Kuji prizes new
Prize H Ampharos/Pikachu cloth- $10
Prize E Sylveon and Swirlix zipper pouch- $10
Prize I Sylveon screen cleaner strap- $9

Pikachu pin red- $4
Pikachu pin blue -$4
Espurr pin- $6

Pikachu tape dispenser gacha new- $4
Metal Greninja coin- $3
Chespin eraser- $3

Hoopa sticker containers (come with two sets of legendary stickers) new- $3 each x3

Pokemon rubber shaped bracelets new- $3

Its Demo Eco bags (sling purse with its own carry pouch) NEW. I didn't want to unravel.
Pink- $28
White- $28


Pikachu sky tree postcard NIP- $4
Pika cards Japan only- $1 each (multiples of some)

Very rare collekeshi erasers new (medium sized erasers/heavy)
Keldeo red- $5
Keldeo yellow- $5
Kyurem blue- $4
Kyurem glow in the dark- $4

Assorted kid figures- $1 each (Buy 3 get 1 free)
Pikachu chopstick holder- $8 NIB

NIP pokemon with you clearfile- $7
Pokemon eevee sketch thick clearfile folder- $9

NIP Poketime clearfiles- $7 each

Diance movie clearfile new- $5
Sylveon nip poketime clearfile-$7

Celebi mini cot mint- $5
Hoppip mini cot mint- $5
Deoxys mini cot mint- $5
New Wartortle large tomy from TRU- $7
Leafeon- $5

New stamps- $2 each
Holo stickers are $1 each

Peru cereal figures- $0.25 each (Take them all for $1)

Mini mew figure- $1
Mew candy grabber- $3
Flareon tretta (front indented)- $0.50

Roller stamps mint- $3 each
Cases- $0.25 each

NIP eevee time straps $12 each (eevee, vaporeon, jolteon, leafeon)

Seel swing- $1
Togepi swing- $1
Togepi pokeball- $5
Weepingbell- $2
Togepi- $1

Meditite spinner- $1
Tepig kid- $3
Dedenne choco figure- $3 (comes with insert)
Tornadus strap new- $2
Diglett mega blok-$2

Korean erasers new- $1 each (or 5 erasers for $3)

New mini card holder- $4

HUGE Pokemon generations lot- $8

2 Breakpoint packs with Pikachu coin. Everything here- $4

Bandai Japanese cards
Eevee near mint- $3
Espeon near mint- $5

XY Flashfire/Primal Clash/Roaring skies huge card lot (contains holos, rev holos, rares, etc)-$15
(Jirachi holo/Sceptile full art holo/etc)

Ancient Origins cards all mint!
Contains 2 full packs of cards and 1 that is missing 3 cards, a holo promo and a fennekin coin.
The 3 cards missing are 2 commons and 1 uncommon. All the rares and rev holos are here.
Tyranitar ex full art! Mint
Everything here $15

Break Through card lot!
You get everything here all mint!
Contains 2 full packs(with holo mega glailie ex full art), Hoopa coin, extra game code, and Hoopa holo promo

Bunch of break point cards with Victini coin- $7

Whole pack-$2

Whole pack- $3

Lotto wash cloth- $10 NIP

Trettas mint- $1 each (or $3 for 5 trettas!)

Holo trettas- $1 each
Diance non holo tretta- $3 (magazine exclusive)

X/Y insert (features Sylveon)- $0.25
Sticker sheet 1 new (features scenes)- $0.50

If the mini dice are next to each other, then they are the same pose. Color may vary, but that is more obvious. I have a ton of dice so if you see three together then a gap and one off by itself, then I have 2 different poses of that dice. Make sense? I will even try to help in the price listings as well! So please read the descriptions!
PLEASE specify the color you want and the pose that I have in the description! If you just say the third one on the left, I may mess up your order. So please use my descriptions so I can best serve you! Also, links to the images are very helpful. I am not requiring it, but you will get your items faster if you do so for me!
Also, please do the same in your payment description that you do in the comments. Don't just put 4 pikachu dice. Please specify! This only helps me package more efficiently. If yours is unclear, I will skip you and come back to you last!

These items are all USED. I tried to be as honest as possible. I may have missed something on accident. Please be aware of this. If I noticed damage I will state it!
Colors may vary slightly as they are hard to photograph!

Mewtwo big Pracoro Die- $5
Togepi mini pracoro die- $3
Zapdos pracoro sign- $1

Zapdos Pracoro case- $1
Mini zapdos (toes up x2)- $4 each

Big Moltres dice (looking at you)- $5
Big Moltres dice (looking to the side)- $5
Mini Moltres (looking down x2)- $3 each
Mini Moltres (mouth slightly open)- $3

Top row (tail to the right)- $4 each

Big Squirtle tucked- $3
Big Squirtle looking up- $5
Mini wartortle- $4 each
Mini Squirtle (both hands up x2)- $4 each
Mini Squirtle (one hand up x2)- $4 each
Mini Squirtle (cute sitting)- $4

Big Charmander wink- $5
Big Charmander mouth open- $4
Big Charmeleon- $5
Mini Charmader x3- $4 each
Mini Charmeleon- $4

Mini Ivysaur- $4

Beedrill big dice- $4
Mini Ditto (center row, one arm up x3)- $4 each
Mini Ditto (bottom, arms up x2)- $4 each

Mini Abra dice (cute sitting x2)- $4 each
Mini Abra dice (mouth slightly open x2)- $4 each
Mini Abra dice (spoon? tail? in hand)- $4

Psyduck big dice- $4
Mini Psyduck dice- $3
Mini Golem dice x2- $3
Mini Machop dice (GOOOOAAAALL x3)- $3 each
Mini Machop dice (one arm up)- $3
Mini Meowth dice- $5
Meowth clear plastic- $2

Big Wigglytuff dice- $4
Mini Jigglypuff dice x2- $3 each
Mini Togepi dice x3- $3 each

Mini Clefairy dice (1 arm up)- $4
Mini Clefairy dice (arms on belly)- $4
Mini Clefairy doll dice (sitting clefairy doll? x2)- $6 each

Pikachu/Togepi numbers thing x3- $2 each
Pikachu pracoro counter?- $2
Mini Pikachu dice (smiling x2)- $2 each
Mini Pikachu dice (worried x2)- $2 each

Big Poliwhirl dice- $5
Mini Poliwhirl dice (arms by sides x2)- $4 each
Mini Poliwhirl dice (1 arm on belly)- $4
Mini Poliwag dice- $4
Mini Snorlax dice (happy x2)- $4 each
Mini Snorlax dice (yawning)- $4

Big Farfetch'd dice x2- $4 each
Mini Farfetch'd dice (mouth open x2)- $4 each
Mini Farfetch'd dice (mouth closed)- $4
Big Tauros dice- $5
Mini Tauros dice x2- $3 each

Lickitung big dice- $5
Mini Lickitung (holding tongue)- $4
Mini Lickitung (tongue curled to side)- $4
Rhydon big dice- $6
Mini Rhydone dice- $4
Mini Rhyhorn dice x2- $4 each

Mini Gastly dice- $4
Mewtwo Pracoro case- $2
Mew Pracoro counter?- $2

Shelldar mini- $2
Scyther (top, arms folded)- $4 each
Scyther (middle, both pointing)- $4 each

Minimal coloring. Can probably be cleaned. NOT scuffed. Just have some coloring
Clefairy minimal color- $2
Abra minimal color- $2

Painted horribly by the seller. Can be cleaned if you have patience and lots of upper body strength
Free with purchase. May the odds be ever in your favor when cleaning.
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