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My first auction: Original Illustrations Minun & Plusle, Shaymin and Leafeon


How are you? I'm fine, enjoying my holidays. Past saturday I found at the flea market a small Blastoise figure that shots water and a Jessie figure. Both are in good conditions!

Some people commented thatthey would like to get some of my drawings so I decided to make this auction. This is the firsttime I sold my art this way. The money will help me to but new art material (I need new watercolors and brushes!)

About the illustrations: All were made with a mixture bewteen watercolors, color pencils and markers. I used good quallity watercolor paper (Canson 200g). The size of the paper is 93/8 x 121/2'' (24 x 32 cm). The illustrations can look very nice framed with a dark wood frame.

This will be the only time that I draw this 4 Pokémons so if one of this is your favorite this is your chance. Maybe later I can make another version but in shiny.

Shaymin was my first drawing, Minun & Plusle the second and Leafeon the third.

I'l sign them behind and send them in an strong package. Also the winner gets a good quallity scan 300dpi for personal uses that I can send by e-mail.

The bid starts in 15 dolars each.

Shippment costs will depend on the location of the winning bidder. I have a Paypal account!

Auction ends 30th december night.

This is my first auction so please fell free to ask any question and tell me anything you think I need to know. Thanks and happy holidays!

Tags: leafeon, minun, plusle, shaymin
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